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Overcooked Turkeys

Meanwhile, Melissa's sisters arrive to help her prepare her celebration. The guys drink shots and snooze as they women cook in their mink aprons (yeah, you heard me right). Kathy arrives a little later, ceremoniously laying out her miniature pies, cannolis, three kinds of soup, and various other desserts. Everyone is well impressed with her spread. As the cooking gets underway, Joe tells Melissa to join him outside in one minute for a great surprise. Instead of a puppy or diamonds, however, she finds a mechanical bull in the front yard. As you'd expect, Rich is on that shit like white on rice. Even Kathy takes a turn, albeit for about 10 seconds. Melissa goes next, and she and Joe make it more sexual than necessary... like always. Good thing no one has put down those miniature pies yet because they'd be coming right back up.

Back at the Giudice mansion, the Manzos arrive with pignoli cookies, followed by Kim D. and the Lauritas, bearing sprinkle cookies. The wine and champagne start flowing as Jacqueline interviews that she knows it's been a tough year for Teresa and her family. As they drink, Teresa tearfully acknowledges that Caroline and Jacqueline have been there for her more than her family. She calls Caroline the older sister she never had. Caroline adds "hotter" to that list to lighten the mood. It doesn't work, and Teresa continues to well up as they all toast to a good "Friendsgiving."

Bonus: Teresa and Juicy tells the Manzo-Lauritas about their adventures at the turkey farm, including such gems as "I had turkey poop in my throat" (thanks for that info, Juicy!). Caroline is nonplussed at their squeamishness because she grew up on a farm and used to shoot down varmints ever'day.

The Gorga celebration begins as Melissa says grace. Everyone digs in and eventually someone brings up the elephant in the room: Where is Teresa. Melissa interviews that Joe is thick-skinned but extremely emotional that his relationship with his family isn't better. And then comes the magic phrase -- "it is what it is."

Over at the Giudice house, Teresa lays down some discipline on Gabriella after she smacks Milania, and Gia asks Vito when he and Lauren are going to get married. Christopher teases her that they can't get married because they would only get married if Gia is Christopher's date to the wedding. Gia plays telephone, running down to the other side of the table to report the news about Vito and Lauren to Caroline. Caroline is certain that the question wasn't popped since she and Albert know noting of it. Lauren makes it clear that Vito will have to ask Albert's permission before he proposes, and Teresa said she was exactly the same with Juicy.

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