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A Very Guido Christmas

Elsewhere, Juicy Joe slap chops himself up some garlic while Teresa readies herself for an at-home date night. She is wearing a hot pants skort, you guys. She reminds us of all their financial troubles as they sit down for a picnic in their unfurnished living room. Apparently they're paying off bills instead of buying new crap. It's a hard-knock life, Tre. Juicy compliments them on staying strong in the midst of all this chaos -- most recently a court case between Juicy and his former business partner over a loan. They agree to live and learn and reaffirm their love for each other.

The next day, Annie Hall Kathy and Rich visit more possible restaurant locations. Kathy acknowledges that buying the restaurant will be a big risk financially, but thinks "if you don't dream, you don't live." And apparently she dreams of belly dancing and hookah pipes. The owner shows her around the place, and she gets more and more excited imagining herself in the kitchen. Rich takes a more measured approach, pointing out that the place might be a little too ambitious and large for their budget.

Meanwhile, Melissa tells Gino he should be feeding himself breakfast... as she feeds him his breakfast. She tells him, "I can't baby you forever, because then you'll be like your daddy when you get married." Downstairs, Joe tells the workers how to construct Melissa's recording studio. Melissa takes Gino down to bring Joe some coffee and check on his progress. Joe tells Melissa he's building a spot for himself to stand over the producers and intimidate them while Melissa's singing. Because that'll really get the creative juices flowing! Melissa admits that Joe's a typical, jealous Italian man, and pats herself on the back, admitting "there's a lot to be jealous about!" Joe wants to make the studio black and sexy, but Melissa tells him to make it gold because she plans to record gold records in there.

That night, Lauren and Jacqueline bring dinner to Albie, Christopher, and Greg. They wonder who's keeping the house so clean and quickly credit Greg. Albie does admit he misses Caroline and her "mom GPS." He says he talks to Caroline every day. Jacqueline asks, "And Lauren, too?" It hits a nerve, and Lauren confesses that she's a little jealous that their relationship with Greg seems to have taken precedence over their relationship with her. Albie. As a token of their love for her, Albie and Christopher give Lauren her Christmas present -- a key to their apartment -- early, saying she's welcome any time.

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