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A Very Guido Christmas

Elsewhere, Teresa and Juicy return home from court. Teresa reports that things got heated because one of Kim G.'s friends Monica Chacon is the wife of Juicy's former business partner's lawyer. The very same Monica whom Kim G. introduced to Melissa at the Posche fashion show. Teresa says she confronted Monica in the court's corridor and told her to stop talking trash, and she doesn't think she'll ever hear from her again.

Kathy and Rich pay a visit to Albert at The Brownstone to solicit his advice about opening up a business in the restaurant/catering world. When Kathy mentions Rich's plans, Albert literally laughs in their face. He warns them their lives will change dramatically and that they'll have to sacrifice things like family events and time together in order to make this dream a reality. He credits Caroline for putting him with the lifestyle that most women wouldn't. He tells them a personal story about a friend of his who passed away in 9/11 and says that, at his funeral, there were many pictures of events his family had held at The Brownstone. He realized then how important a role he played in people's lives. Seeing what a big deal the restaurant will be, she wonders if she and Rich are ready for such a big commitment and responsibility. Albert likewise suggests she start out as a caterer and put the restaurant idea on hold. Rich thanks Albert for this reality check. Albert adds for good measure that if he'd been "dumb enough" to buy Christopher that car wash/strip club he wanted, he'd be washing cars (and probably gluing on pasties) at that very moment.

That night, Jacqueline oversees the last-minute preparations for her party as the guests begin to arrive. First in are the Manzos and Greg. Next up, Teresa and Juicy arrive from their long day in court. Instead of letting things lie, Jacqueline immediately tells Teresa that there's already a story on Radar Online about Juicy's court case. Teresa fills her in on the confrontation with Monica. The way she tells it is a lot calmer than the story Juicy relays, in which Teresa was "going off on" Monica and had to be pulled away. He admits that his wife is "fuckin' nuts." Jacqueline empathizes with Teresa's actions, and Teresa adds, "I needed to silence the lamb."

As they talk, Joe Gorga and Melissa walk up to the house, agreeing that it's a shame Kathy and Rich weren't invited. Chris and Jacqueline head to the door to welcome them in as Bratshley says that "anywhere there's drama, [Jacqueline] tries to put herself in it." She adds, "Come on, she was friends with Danielle for a reason." The Gorgas head in and make their introductions, during which there is a hilarious moment that Greg is so tall the camera guy has to cut off his head to keep Joe Gorga in the shot. The Gorgas and the Giudices awkwardly greet each other. Lauren pegs Melissa as "a younger version of Teresa, and a very beautiful one at that." She thinks that Teresa belonged to Melissa from the minute they said "I do."

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