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Oh God, and then Joe Gorga whips out his penis for the Manzos to see in the next RV. And then Richie walks all around with his junk hanging out too, and strokes Greg's leg in a rather sensual manor. And it's only breakfast time! Caroline tells us that it's day two and she's actually enjoying the company of everyone, and purposely staying away from Teresa. She doesn't want anybody else's trip to be ruined when she opens her special brand of bulldog whoop-ass. Kathy talks to Jacqueline, Caroline and Lauren about how well her conversation with Teresa went. She says that she's not going to get involved in their beef with Teresa, but does want them to keep in mind that they had a long history and some great times together. Caroline nods, but doesn't really mean even this simple gesture of the head.

Teresa and Melissa take a walk, and everything seems fine until Teresa brings up the freaking recipe thing. Melissa defends Kathy a little bit, but also thinks this whole thing is really stupid. Teresa seems to be personally affronted by Melissa's support of Kathy. Melissa then points out that Teresa has had a beef with, well, everyone, and at some point she might need to step back and note that the common denominator in all that conflict is her. You can imagine how well this goes over. Teresa seems to feel like Caroline is the root of all of the conflict, and blah blah blah cookbook, and then she eventually gets to the point where she says that she doesn't want to argue with anyone. Melissa says that this conversation about nothing was a breakthrough moment, I guess because no tables were flipped. Teresa and Melissa talk about how nice it would be to rekindle their friendship on the trip. Back at the campsite, the men also agree that things are going better than expected. Dun-dunnnnnnn! I mean, we all saw last year's reunion.

Next week: Surfing! River snakes! More Joe Gorga penis. And more Jacqueline/Teresa conflict.

Potes would sooner walk to California than share an RV with anyone on this show. Tweet her @traciepotes or email

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