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That's a Spicy Meatball!

Oh God, and then Big Chris is driving Ashley(e) to the airport AGAIN. Ashley(e) is doped up on Xanax, and is worried that she's going to fall asleep. Jacqueline tells us that Ashley(e) said she was depressed, so they took her to a shrink to get some medication, and now she has a fear of everything. Except for getting too drunk to know how to get home. Chris tells us that he loves Ashley(e) to death, but once she goes to Vegas she's not welcome back until she has some sort of plan that doesn't involve being a useless self-indulgent pain in the ass freeloader. And then, Jacqueline is also depressed because Ashley(e) is a giant fuck-up who may never get it together. She looks through old photo albums and cries, and all this really should not be happening on TV, completely available to be ripped to shreds by people like me. I love the entire Housewives franchise, but I feel strongly that shit starts to go downhill as soon as you start exploring legitimate problems. Jacqueline wonders if Ashley(e) is going to look back and hate her childhood, as well as her mother. Well, she'll certainly have the footage to support her position either way.

Next week: Melissa and Teresa throw down, this time with bindis!

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Real Housewives of New Jersey




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