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Elsewhere, Kathy is vibrating out of her shorts. It's not because Richie is slinking around the corner. Rather, Teresa has called and wants to go out for brunch. Kathy notes that this is a rarity, but enthusiastically agrees to meet her. She figures that there are probably some ulterior motives occurring, but is holding off judgment in that Kathy way of hers. In case you were wondering, Kathy looks fabulous in a wide-brimmed hat. When Kathy and Teresa meet, Teresa talks about how she's always loved Kathy like a sister. This is a preamble to her plea for sympathy at being "ambushed" by Jacqueline and Caroline. Kathy gets a little warning bell inside as she realizes that Teresa is looking for an ally after being dumped by her last remaining friend. But Kathy doesn't want to jeopardize her burgeoning relationship with Jacqueline and Caroline just yet, even though she's being supportive to Teresa and wants to repair their relationship. She busts out some old photos, which are always big-haired fan favorites, as well as some baby clothes that Teresa once bought Victoria like a million years ago. So, there is some tentative re-bonding that should last until the next commercial break at least.

Oh God, and then it's time to catch up with Melissa. It turns out she's going to be calling Ryan Seacrest, to help promote the dance remix of "On Display." In summation of the feelings of a nation, the little Gorga son clocks Joe right in the ear. Well played, kid. Melissa gets Seacrest on the line, and he does some heavy lyric interpretation as he asks who exactly is trying to bring her down. Um, duh. Seacrest plays a little clip of the song, and Melissa says that it's not important to her whether or not Ryan likes the song -- she cares what the whole world thinks. Well, since she asked, we think it sucks. Happy now? Oh God, and then Joe Gorga pipes in to say that Melissa sings so well due to all the practice in the bedroom. That makes absolutely no fucking sense. Seacrest is like, "Thanks, I gotta go." Now Melissa is prepared to sit and wait and let the world judge her song. We already have. See above.

At the Giudice house, all of the koi in their backyard pond have disappeared. I bet Milania ate them like sushi. Teresa sits with Joe next to the lifeless pond and tells him that she's been thinking more about the idea of going to couples therapy with her brother. Joe says that he already gave his opinion on that matter, and is embarrassed for Teresa that she's even considering it. Juicy Joe, an enemy of mental health! Teresa tells us that therapy goes against her family values, but it's her last ditch effort to mend her relationship with Joe Gorga. Oooh, and THEN we learn that Juicy was forced to go to therapy when he was eleven because he was getting in trouble in school. You know he was totally getting into Dexter-like activity or some shit. Apparently it wasn't a good experience, and obviously didn't work. Teresa still secretly thinks that they're going to therapy just so Joe Gorga can get over his personal issues, but to her credit she's willing to try it. The Gorga parents of course are not behind the idea of therapy, because they'd rather just scream it out at someone's christening. In the end, Juicy gives Teresa his blessing, mostly because he doesn't care, and then proceeds to call Joe a woman. Awesome.

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