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After a break, the argument continues. Teresa talks about how hurt she is, and Jacqueline talks about how hurt she is. Jacqueline once again maintains that Teresa may talk to her every day, but she doesn't tell her anything. Probably because she is afraid that Jacqueline will confront her about it on national television. Teresa says that there's nothing to tell, and that Jacqueline even has to ask is sad, and brings up questions about their relationship. Jacqueline is all, "Don't try to flip it!" by which she means the blame and not a table, and the heatedness of the conversation goes up about twelve degrees. Teresa notes that Jacqueline is a psycho bitch, and adds that this would have been the perfect time for her to give Jacqueline a well-deserved punch in the face, were she not too ladylike to do such a thing. I mean! She adds that Jacqueline once punched Caroline in the face, which is a story that I really would like to get full details on. It's really too bad it happened pre-Housewives.

Jacqueline tells us that she's caught Teresa in so many lies and contradictions, such as her friendly communiqu├ęs with Danielle Staub in service of slamming the sister-in-law with whom she is supposedly (or, in this case, supposably) trying to reconnect. It's shady. And then Teresa notes that Jacqueline might be a zombie whose brains have been eaten by Caroline Manzo. I feel like that's actually a plausible explanation for what's happened here. Maybe next week we'll see Caroline recommending a brains diet to Lauren. Low carb! Drink them in a smoothie! Jacqueline contends that she's her own person. Elsewhere, Chris and Juicy talk about the whole thing. Chris points out that bringing Danielle back into the mix was a stab in the heart, but Juicy thinks that doesn't really have anything to do with anything. Neither one of these guys really gives a shit about Danielle Staub, and you can tell they kind of just wish that they could go into some man cave and play poker and fondle each other surreptitiously.

From afar, the other housewives gaze upon the escalating fight between Teresa and Jacqueline. Fucking Caroline has to tell Joe Gorga all about how she broke up with Teresa, as if anyone even gives a rat what Caroline does anymore. Get a storyline! God. Caroline says that now that she's out of the way, it might open up some room for Joe and Teresa to repair their relationship. That makes absolutely no sense. In any case, Joe wishes that his sister hadn't been motivated to go to therapy just because she lost all of her friends, but he'll take what he can get.

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