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But back to Melissa and Teresa. Things have turned surprisingly civil! Melissa straight up apologizes for being a shady Staub confidante, and Teresa says that she's moving forward with therapy with Joe, and wants the two of them to be cool as well. Melissa agrees, and says that she envisions a world in which they can go to the park together with their kids. Then the women clutch hands, and Melissa tells Teresa to just be normal. A lot could be solved on these shows if everyone heeded that advice. Soon enough, Rosie is kissing Joe and Teresa on the mouth, and everyone's laughing and talking about how much they love each other. By everyone I mean the Gorga/Giudices. Jacqueline is still sitting around being sad. Teresa points out that it's a crazy world when she's getting along with her brother and Melissa but fighting with Jacqueline and Caroline. She contends that she's always been the same dumb-ass, and doesn't understand why everyone else has to change. And then all the Gorga/Giudices kiss each other some more, and Juicy even grabs Joe Gorga's boob. Melissa recognizes the fact that Teresa is probably being so lovey with them because she has no other friends left, but doesn't really care. With Rosie's cries of, "We can do it!" we fade out.

Next week: Oh my God, the poor therapist who gets saddled with Joe and Teresa.

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