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But back to Jacqueline. She recently revealed that her son Nicholas is autistic. We relive Jacqueline's difficult journey to give birth to Nicholas. We learned during the first season that she had had four miscarriages, but then she finally had Nicholas and he was a lovely baby. We go through a montage of footage, mostly not from the show, and Jacqueline and Caroline both start crying as they watch it. There's a clip of Chris saying that he and Jacqueline are dealing with some very real issues, and then clips of Nicholas engaging with the family. We end with an audio clip of Nicholas saying I love you to Jacqueline. This sends her into a real fit of sobs, and we see Caroline saying that he will say that again. Apparently Nicholas has regressed and no longer says, "I love you," which obviously is quite hard for Jacqueline. And then any iota of sympathy that anyone had for Teresa vanishes as she says that Nicholas was Audriana's boyfriend, but now they had to break up. I am typically not Team Big Red Manzo, but have to get totally behind her when she tells Teresa not to try to bring it back around to herself. Caroline threatens to go fucking berserk, which seems appropriate, and tells Teresa to sit back and shut the fuck up. There is much general agreement. What a complete asshole.

Teresa calls Caroline an old hag, and then there is discussion about how she didn't know that Nicholas regressed, in part because she never bothers to ask how anyone else is doing. Jacqueline did not want to talk about Nicholas's autism on camera, because she and Chris needed to get a handle on the situation first. She adds that first and foremost, Nicholas is a beautiful kid who happens to have autism. Andy asks why, when there was so much magazine drama this season, Jacqueline chose to publicly reveal the autism in that way. She says that People is good with those types of stories, and she thought it would help bring awareness. She adds that she did not get paid. Meanwhile, Melissa and Teresa have a side squabble about absolutely fucking nothing. Poor Jacqueline. After all this it is in fact difficult to believe that she'd have the time or the inclination to bother setting up Teresa. It is also quite difficult for Teresa to garner any sympathy points in her battle against Jacqueline, and so she would be wise to heed Caroline's advice and shut the fuck up.

And then we get to relive in excruciating detail the dissipation of Jacqueline and Teresa's friendship. Teresa makes Andy feel her heart and how fast it's beating, and he is visibly disgusted at having to touch her orange implant. At one point, on the Napa trip, it seemed like a talk had happened and there was hope for the Jacqueline-Teresa friendship. Andy asks what happened, and Jacqueline says that later that night the window of Teresa's RV was open and she overheard Teresa saying, "I hate Jacqueline. I can't even look at her f'ing face." Teresa asks who she was talking to, and Melissa jumps in to say that Teresa was talking to her.

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