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Teresa acknowledges that she was upset when her sister-in-law and cousin joined the show "without telling" her. She puts it down to their self-promotion (Kathy's desserts, Melissa's singing), but they take issue with that judgment. Kathy wonders, "Do we have to kiss your rings, Teresa?" Melissa insists Teresa knew at the christening her family was filming for the show, too. Teresa replies nonsensically, "I see right through you." Caroline thinks Teresa "crucified" members of her own family on national television. Teresa holds her line.

Andy lights on Melissa's mention of the christening to segue to the next package. You were there. You saw it. You cupped your face in your hands in sympathy shame. We cut back to the reunion, where Teresa is wiping away crocodile tears... or perhaps just an errant fleck of glitter from her showgirl-worthy eye shadow. If Teresa and Melissa never agree on anything else in this life, it's that they are both disgusted by what went down. Andy introduces a viewer question about Teresa's parents. She tells him they've never seen that episode and never will because they'd be horrified to see Joe call her garbage. Notice how she didn't acknowledge her own husband's bulldog-ish part of the scenario. Just Joe's comment. Granted, it was the proverbial match that lit the fire, but it's a two-way street...

A viewer wonders why Joe got so emotional at the christening. Melissa says that the Gorga siblings weren't speaking, which Teresa immediately disagrees with. She argues that there's no way Joe would have been that upset over a stupid reality show. Andy posits that maybe Joe thought the show had changed Teresa. Teresa admits she has been "busy," and Melissa mentions that Joe wasn't invited to the second season premiere of the show -- even though 900 other people were. Teresa acknowledges that she didn't invite Joe but pins it on the fact that Melissa had just given birth. Teresa goes a step farther, saying "if [Melissa was] a good wife," she would have called Teresa up to sort things out. Right after giving birth. Which, two seconds ago, Teresa just claimed was a reason for the entire Gorga family to skip her premiere party altogether. What? Cue the split screen. They go back and forth before Kathy makes the reason point that Teresa's "good wife" comment was balls-to-the-wall offensive.

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