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Andy breaks in to redirect the conversation and talk about the lovely relationship between Kathy and Rosie. Kathy mumbles that Teresa tried to destroy that too, and a video montage kind of bears that out. Remember how Teresa said that Kathy hated the fact that Rosie was gay? Yeah. In touching times, though, Rosie came out to Kathy's kids and it was all very sweet. Rosie, now calmed, takes a seat on the couch, and Andy asks her to talk about coming out to Victoria and Joseph. Rosie says that they were so sweet with her, and never realized that she was gay. To them she was always just their funny Aunt Rosie, and she loves them for that. Jacqueline and Caroline both get a tear as Rosie tells anyone out there who is scared to come out to just do it because a weight is lifted and you can finally be happy. Andy seems to be either amused or touched, or maybe a combination of the two.

Rosie also clarifies that when she and Kathy fought, it wasn't about her being gay. It was because after their father died and she was quite vulnerable, Rosie started dating a woman who led her down the wrong path. Kathy felt like this woman was trying to take advantage of Rosie, which led to trouble between them. Teresa butts in to say that she always wanted Rosie to hang out with them back in the day but Kathy did not, and Rosie wonders why Teresa never picked up the phone and invited her anywhere. Teresa says that she did and, to put it mildly, Rosie does not recall this. There is more screaming for a while, but Rosie finally wraps things up by saying that no one will ever come between her and Kathy. Unlike some other siblings we know! Andy asks how Kathy did react to Rosie's coming out, and Rosie said that she was still struggling with herself. She adds that she went through pain that no one sitting on the couch could ever imagine. At that point Andy is like, "...Uh, been there." In any case, eventually Rosie came out, and her mother was also lovely and accepting. And she's single! Go get her, ladies.

After a break, we review the RV trip. Everything was going so swimmingly for a while, and Andy notes it was fun for viewers to see the Giudices and Gorgas getting along. But then, of course, there was ToastGate 2012. Teresa says that she did not deliberately leave Kathy out of the toast, but Kathy isn't quite buying it. Teresa tries to get Andy to move on to the next subject, and then Kathy brings up the fact that Teresa is pissed off because Kathy called her mother a liar. Andy wants to keep the mothers out of it, and then Teresa tells Kathy and her fake nose and fake lips to shut up. The camera zooms in on Jacqueline, who simply points at her boobs and her lips. There was an Us Weekly article where Lauren Manzo said that Xanax was being passed around like candy at this reunion, and nowhere is it more obvious than in Jacqueline's reactions. Kathy apologizes for slamming Teresa's mother, and then Teresa agrees to move back to the Gorga couch. The closer to punch you, my pretties!

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