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Pretty Pretenders, Negligent Vendors

But back to our real show. Andy asks, via a viewer question, why Melissa and Joe are selling their house. Melissa tries to squeeze out a tear as she says that she doesn't want her kids to go to school with Teresa's kids. She claims it has nothing to do with financial issues, though Teresa points out that the kids don't even actually go to the same school. The kids love each other now, but Melissa seems to think that the Giudice girls will gang up on Antonia when they get to junior high. Hmm, methinks I smell the scent of the bullshito flower wafting on the breeze. Teresa and Melissa yell at each other about some money stuff, which is too dull to try to decode.

We are then treated to a montage of Melissa and Teresa fighting throughout the season. It's really miraculous that no one got punched. We are also reminded that Melissa was in cahoots with Danielle a few seasons ago. There is a whole lot of yelling about the fact that Teresa said (and believed) that Melissa was a golddigger, but once the ladies get this out of their systems Andy Cohen asks about Melissa fraternizing with Danielle Staub. Facebook email is somehow involved, which is certainly a sign of nefarious activity. Melissa admits that she didn't like Teresa so much at that time (when they were filming Season 3), in part because Teresa would always call her and talk about what a star she was. Teresa denies it, and then says that Melissa wrote "On Display" about her. Caroline and Jacqueline just start laughing, while I am puzzled at the thought that Melissa actually got a co-writing credit for her song.

Andy then cuts down to it, noting the recurring theme that Melissa joined the show to hurt Teresa. Teresa thinks that's true, and then there is some yelling in which Melissa claims that her shady relationship with Danielle did not get her on the show. When Andy asks Melissa why she did join the show, she says that it's an opportunity, like it is for everyone else. If the roles were reversed, she's certain that Teresa would not have bypassed this opportunity either. Teresa claims that she would have found something else to do, then yells that Melissa came on the show to destroy her. The answer here is: famewhores, all. A viewer asks when Teresa is going to let go of her grudge against Kathy and Melissa, and she says that she already has. I mean, obviously. Melissa notes that Teresa let go of the grudge only when Jacqueline and Caroline were no longer her friends, and then Teresa makes a big display of thanking God for getting crazy out of her life. Let's just say that He hasn't quite finished the job.

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