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Reunion: Part 2

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Never Say Goodbye

Last week on part one of the reunion: Who cares. This is the last episode of the season! HOORAY! HALLELUJAH! MINE EYES HAVE SEEN THE GLORY!

We launch into part two right where we left off: with the Housewives, the two Joes, and Rosie. Andy reads a fan question -- if the ladies could take back one comment from the season, what would it be? Rosie would like to rescind her request that Teresa take it up the ass, complete with Italian hand gesture. Juicy says he'd take back calling Joe "Josephine" and "Horsey Face," though those bon mots still crack him up. Joe Gorga says, "Don't make me get up" in a quasi-threatening manner, but I guess he's joking? Who can even tell with these fools. Juicy says that at least now that Joe's head is shaved his jacket won't get dirty with spray-on hair. Melissa says she'd take back anything about Juicy or "products." Oh, I guess that's when she slammed Teresa's tacky endorsement deals? Tough talk from a Sizzle Tans wife. Teresa would take back calling Jacqueline evil. All the insults about Melissa she'll keep, though.

Andy Cohen introduces a montage of insults. Brown shits! Douchebags! Poopy head! Hot dog! Whore whore! Fat girls are blowjob queens! Jerks! Congratulations, stupid! Horsey Face! Evil stepsister! Happy witch! Sociopath! Idiots! Scumbags! Butchy boys! Josephine! I'll drink to that! Andy loves that everyone can now laugh about it, and Joe says that names don't mean anything. Teresa glares at him, suggesting that he might stop speaking for everyone. Patty from Baltimore asks if Teresa finally understands what a sociopath is. Some fumbling indicates that an expanded vocabulary is not a priority issue for her. The group talks for a minute about little Gino Gorga's newfound sassiness, even though it doesn't even rank as the tip of the sassy tail of one Milania Giudice. Katie from Pittsburgh asks how Caroline can laugh when Chris and Albie call fat girls blow job queens, and notes that maybe they're single for a reason that has nothing to do with their time-consuming business ventures. Caroline notes that Katie from Pittsburgh makes stupid comments, and also she sort of believes that fat girls are blowjob queens. Rosie corrects her by saying, "This fat girl never gave a blowjob. That's for damn sure." Andy actually reaches over and gives her a high five, because Rosie is his favorite too. Andy Cohen: he's just like us! But better dressed.

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