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A Crazy-Ass Merry-Go-Round

Andy moves on to a package about the ongoing "unattended" fracas that began at the Posche fashion show. Long story short, Teresa is uber-defensive and everyone tells her to sit the fuck down. Caroline: "She's fucking insane." Somewhere in there, Teresa does issue a snotty "thank you" to Kathy for delivering her children from danger while Juicy was pummeling mofos. Teresa insists now that she's heard the full explanation she's "fine with it." Lies. Kathy is particularly sore that Teresa wrote a shit-talking blog after their supposed reconciliation. Teresa has no response.

Bonus: Kathy pulled Rosie's hair one time when they were kids. Unintentionally. Wow. Riveting stuff.

On to the Gorgas' defection from Teresa's house on Christmas Eve to Kathy's. Teresa blogged about how it "devastated" her. Kathy feels she did no wrong. Melissa was especially hurt because Teresa claimed Antonia was upset. Things quickly devolve into a screaming match. Caroline wryly says, "We're all bad. Why are we here? We're here 'cause we're crazy. We're crazy 'cause we're all here." That has too many syllables, but it's as close as you get to a Housewives haiku, no? Caroline finally has enough and screams at Teresa, "You took that hour and ruined it! You had an hour with your family. Instead of being grateful, you ruined it!" Essentially, Teresa doesn't appreciate baby steps. She turns Caroline's comments against her, making it seem like Caroline has low standards because an hour is "good enough" for her. Caroline calls Teresa selfish. She and Melissa point their fingers as Caroline says, "It's not about your family. It's about you and only you." Teresa brings up how happy Melissa was to get to the Wakiles' house that night, and Melissa's all, "Well, your jackhole husband was calling me a raccoon face all night." As if it'll make things better, Teresa says Juicy was talking about Kathy. Ha! Befuddlement all around.

Andy attempts diplomacy, gently telling Teresa that it seems like it's "hard for [her] to hear what other people have to say" sometimes. Even if they tell her over... and over... and over... And then Kathy circles things back around to the "unattended" rigmarole. This? Again? For the love! After a bunch of banter and bullshit, Teresa randomly claims, "Time heals all wounds." Huh?

Andy asks if Kathy and Teresa are in a good place. Silence. Caroline asks Kathy directly. Kathy says, "Yes... No, but yes." As Teresa natters on, Caroline asks Melissa on the side, "Are you in a good place?" Melissa says she's a good place. Caroline says, "I'm in a crazy place." Back to the main event (for now), Kathy is obviously not in a good place. She says that, of course Teresa is okay with everything because she's the one on the offense. Kathy's the one who's had to deal with the slings and arrows. Proving Andy's point, Teresa's all, "I accept your apology." Sheesh.

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