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Speaking of Juicy, Andy wonders when the feud between the Joes began and throws to a clip whose lowlights are Juicy calling Joe a "f****t," Gia's sad song, and Juicy's highest compliment for Joe: "I don't fuckin' hate him." Both ladies agree that it goes back a long time. Melissa thinks Joe looks at Juicy like an older brother and just wants to hear a "Good job" from him now and again instead of an endless stream of trash talk. Andy brings up that Teresa's already had to apologize for her husband's gay slurs. Teresa insists it's just the usual back and forth between the Joes. Melissa insists her husband doesn't use that word or another "bad word" that Juicy does. I'm not sure I believe her story about Joe, but I don't think it's a stretch about Juicy either. Andy brings it back to reality: It doesn't matter if it's a case of "boys will be boys," it's not right. Teresa pulls the "I have tons of gay friends" excuse, and Andy shakes his head. Teresa claims, "He's just being himself." Andy says that she effectively condoning bigotry.

A viewer wonders if Teresa thinks Juicy has a drinking problem. She says no. Andy says a blog from Melissa that mentions how, on the same night the F-bomb was dropped, Juicy got wasted, chipped his tooth while doing gymnastics on marble, and yelled at Teresa. Teresa insists he was just "upset" about his fight with Joe. (The fight in which he threatened to break Joe's jaw?) Andy suggests that Juicy does a lot of pot stirring, and Teresa claims it's all a reaction to stuff Joe already did. Andy: "It seems like you hold Melissa and Joe to a higher standard than you hold your husband." Teresa: "I hear words coming out of your mouth, but I don't understand them." Andy mentions the jaw-breaking comment. Teresa: "He was upset."

Andy moves to another question: Were the Gorga siblings good role models for their kids? Teresa admits this season they weren't. Andy brings up Gia's song. Teresa says Gia understands Teresa is trying and just wishes "Zio Joe would try back." That's that. She just puts it out there like it's fact. Caroline is, like, "You realize how intensely you're fucking up your kid, right?" Teresa: "It's my kid!" Melissa says Teresa is gossiping too much with her own kids and poisoning them against her family. The screen splits as Caroline says Teresa is exposing Gia to too much, and Teresa tells her to mind her business. Teresa insists, "It was a beautiful song." Caroline thinks Teresa uses Gia as a tool and calls it "a disgrace... tragic."

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