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Caroline is gravely upset and confronts Kim D., saying this is all because of her, and, "Are you happy, what you did to a family?" In fact, I do think Kim D. is happy. She got an inordinate amount of screen time, AND got to promote her stupid boutique. Christopher has to try to calm Caroline down, and she calls Kim D. a bitter, nasty, no-life moron. I would also add: physically hideous. Kim D. denies having anything to do with anything, despite her knowing smirks throughout the whole season. Then Jacqueline wants to confront the Greek about the Nicholas tweets, but I think maybe he's already gone. Kathy tells us these people are like roaches -- if you kill one, another one comes out. Also, they are wholly repugnant.

Joe wonders why the Greek is always mentioning Teresa, and Melissa tells Teresa that she needs to stand on the side of her family rather than on the side of hags. She wants Teresa to stop patronizing their salons, even though I have to say her hair has been consistently fabulous all season. Teresa makes a firm stand, saying that they can't even sell her Milania hair products if they want to! Joe tells us that he knew Teresa was behind this, but because Johnny the Greek is so disgusting, he couldn't help but be on Teresa's side. Have I mentioned that throughout this event Joe Gorga was wearing a pink shirt with sparkly trim? He's glad that he stayed out of this whole mess.

The next day, Melissa is disturbed. Joe is too, saying that the idiot people who Teresa brought into their world are disgusting. Melissa agrees, and notes that Johnny and Penny aren't telling her anything she didn't already know about Teresa. She hopes that Teresa is finally ready to stop the bullshit. Teresa and Juicy drive, and while she's worried about things turning negative again, he says, "Whatever." He adds that everything looks bad to Joe and Melissa, who listen to and believe a bunch of shit. He says that they're "not too smart," even though contextually I think at least Melissa is an IQ bracket up. Cut to Melissa saying that she's not stupid -- she doesn't believe Penny and Johnny 100%, but does think that Teresa asked them to do some dirty work. Joe doesn't know if he can trust Teresa again, and says that he's disappointed rather than mad. He'll probably still smash a thing if given the opportunity, though. While Melissa wants to find forgiveness in her heart and move on, Joe can't believe that Teresa is still denying having any part in the whole mess.

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