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We then visit Jacqueline and Chris, who are discussing the whole situation because what else would anybody ever talk about? Chris has talked to Joe, who said that all Teresa has to do is talk to him and come clean, and the issue is over. If that day doesn't come, Joe won't trust her. Nick comes out and says that he loves Jacqueline, and wants some water please. Though communication is still a challenge, he's come far this year, just like some other quasi-Neanderthals we know.

Meanwhile, Kathy and Richie visit Melissa and Joe. Kathy is concerned, because Joe lets his emotions get the best of him and gets down on himself. Richie compliments him on not being physically scathed from the fistfight, and for approaching the situation with a modicum of calm. Joe says that he still believes that Teresa was involved in the rumors, and while Rich agrees that the night was serious and disgusting, he says that Joe's relationship with his sister is priceless. With Juicy's court date coming up, whatever bullshit that's happening should be put aside. It's time to not just talk about old school, but do old school. Kathy slices cured meats and says that at the end of the day they're all there for each other.

And then there is a brief interlude where Caroline walks through her house and enjoys some sepia-toned memories. The ham game! Her own spiky hair and Victoria's Secret PINK velour sweatpants! Fat Lauren! Albie getting kicked out of law school! Caroline is proud of her family, in that they have not yet devolved into a gaggle of miscreants. Al comes in and Caroline says it's hard to walk away from the house. As if they were ever going to walk away from the house! Nice try with the storyline, Caroline. I guess they're going to get rid of the Hoboken apartment. I know you were all waiting with bated breath for the resolution to that riveting storyline. My mom's take on the Manzo segment was, "…They seem normal."

The Giudices then takes a visit to the Laurita house, and Teresa says she hopes her brother doesn't believe the crap. While Jacqueline reviles Penny and Johnny too much to take their side in this matter, Chris tells Teresa that she needs to admit to Joe that she fucked up by letting these horrendous human beings into their lives. Juicy has to leave at this point, because he can only listen to this crap for so long before he gets bored. Who knew that Juicy would become one of the more enjoyable cast members this season? If I could muster the energy, it would make me question my entire worldview. Once they're alone, Jacqueline tells Teresa that it really DOES look bad, and suggests that she just be honest if there's any truth to any of the accusations against her. Taking accountability can be a good thing, she says. And then Teresa finally admits that, looking back, she regrets some things she's done. And then she finally admits…that she LISTENED to bad things about Melissa, and kind of enjoyed it. Nice try, kid. Jacqueline seems happy with this confession, though, and tells us that everyone knows that Teresa was probably behind a lot of it, and they can all read between the lines. If Teresa admits something, Joe will feel better. She interviews that her intentions weren't malicious, but everybody "listens to" things they shouldn't "listen to" sometimes. Jacqueline invites Teresa to a BLK tasting the following day, noting that Joe will be there. When the guys come back, Chris mentions Dina, and how he can relate to, when you're mad at someone, wanting to hear bad things about them to help justify your own feelings.

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