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The Right Ingredientses

Jacqueline accompanies Teresa to her brother's house to drop off the letter, and tries to talk some sense into her about not being an aggressive psycho freak. Which, you know. You can't fit a square tit into a round hole. Once they get to the house Teresa rings the bell, because she wants to ruin Jacqueline's day further by making her sit in the car for 100 hours. Happily for Jacqueline, Melissa and Joe aren't there and so Teresa leaves the letter in the door.

Joe and Melissa return from a totally natural and organic jog in which they talk about their Thanksgiving guest list. Teresa is not on it, for, among other reasons, the fact that she still hasn't sent a card for the baby's Christening. They see the note on the door, and Joe insists that Melissa read the letter to him. Because he is functionally illiterate. I mean right? Joe tells us that he's pissed, because he and his sister should not be writing letters to each other. It's bullshit, he says. Like peas in the pod, those two. Melissa reads the letter: "I decided to write you this letter because sometimes when we speak neither one of us really listens. I hope that by writing you this letter you will see it as a positive step in bringing our family back together. I'm sorry if I've hurt you and your family in any way. I love and miss all of you. Please call so we can meet face to face and work this out together. Love your only sister, Teresa." Melissa points out that Teresa said the words "I'm sorry," but Caveman Joe seems unimpressed. He says that Teresa hurt all of them, and it's hard to let it go. Melissa thinks that he should hear Teresa out. He's her sister, after all. She asks if he's willing to never speak to his sister again. Joe says that if she is who she is now, he's fine with the not speaking. If she becomes the Teresa Gorga he knew, he will accept and listen to her and take her back with open arms. Melissa points out that he'll never know if he doesn't meet her face to face. So, we have that summit of the minds to look forwards to, I guess. It has all the right ingredientses to be quite a dramatic scene!

Next week: Turkey selection! Will there be a Thanksgiving miracle?

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