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A Chuckalina Full of Sparkles

Meanwhile, the Manritas settle in. Al checks his email and wants Caroline to stop talking so much. He acknowledges that he may hate this whole trip, just like everyone else apparently does. Jacqueline and Chris seem to appreciate their room, though, and Jacqueline compliments Chris on his spicy nuts.

Soon enough it's dinner time, and things kick off with Al killing a bat who has made his way indoors while everyone else screams and Juicy hides and laughs. Everyone is getting along, and Teresa is enjoying feeling easy around Jacqueline. Al grills steaks, everyone does a cheers with wine, and Joe asks for some thanks in his direction for setting things up, hopefully so he can in turn pass on those thanks to the producer who ACTUALLY set things up. Melissa announces that an energy healer will be at the resort tonight. Teresa explains that this is like a medium, and everyone is quite skeptical. Kathy adds that she's not a psychic, but reads your energy. Juicy says that if she reads his energy, her brain will pop. Because his energy comes in the form of explosive farts? For some reason everyone thinks this is hilarious.

Tina Powers, the energist medium, shows up. She explains that she hears voices from another dimension, from people who are dead but not dead. Well, that clears things up. Jacqueline is willing to give the energist medium a shot, because she's kooky like that. Let's hope it doesn't end up like the time that Camille Grammar invited over the nut with the electronic cigarette on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and things devolved into the worst dinner party they ever had (until they held their next dinner party).

Tina asks who in the room has someone with a "J" in the other world. No one technically has a J, though Teresa and Joe's grandfather was named Giuseppe. Tina then moves on to a Marian/Mary/Maria, and Juicy says that Maria was his grandmother. Maria is trying hard to let him know that she's here, says Tina, to which Juicy replies that his grandmother is still alive. So far, this is really not the best advertisement for energy medium services. Richie interviews that he doesn't believe in this and has no time or patience for bullshit, adding that this isn't what he thought he was coming to.

Tina tries again with Juicy, asking him if a scenario with a lake and a dock rings any bells. It takes a while for him to realize that she's not saying "dog" or "duck," and also he has no association with a lake. Tina gives some lip service to how difficult it is to be an energy medium in a group, and Al asks if she can turn her medium skills off. She talks about how when she first tapped into her medium powers she'd hear a man and woman's voices talking in her bedroom at night, which pretty much freaks everyone out. Then Tina asks whose birthday it is. It is of course Melissa, and voices from the beyond are telling her to enjoy it more. Melissa interviews, "No shit." Because everyone knows it's her birthday!

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