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The hikers come across some sort of Zen circle run by one of Stevie Nicks's backup singers. It's Pamela Lancaster, and she's a traditional healer who's there to lead the group in a cleansing and purifying ceremony. They each have a pad and pencil, and are going to write what they're ready to let go of and burn it. While they're doing that, she burns some sage around them. Richie tries to get high, because after the energy healer he's through with the whole place. Pamela asks for a volunteer to go first with their burning and purifying. Al volunteers, saying that this isn't his thing and he doesn't believe in it, so he declines to participate. Oh, just write a thing and burn it, old man. Joe Gorga gives him a round of applause, while Caroline calls him a drag. She volunteers to go next, but instead of burning her BLK water hat, she burns worry as something she's releasing from a relationship. That's a good one, actually. She tells us that Al needs to break down his stoic wall and just live a little and burn a freaking piece of paper already. Joe is next, and burns anger and hate. He's still suspicious of Teresa, but is tired of fighting. Kathy burns putting everyone else's needs before her own. Jacqueline burns her reaction to negativity, as well as letting go of ill feelings towards people who have hurt her in the past. She cries, of course.

The group encourages Teresa to go next, and she explains that she's feeling emotional after listening to everyone that had a problem with her. She asks Joe to join her, as well as Jacqueline, Kathy, Richie, Chris and Caroline. Joe wishes that Melissa could be there to see that there's a change in Teresa. Teresa says she's in a good place now with these folks, and wants to keep it there. Pamela asks what she's intending to invite in to the relationships with these folks and herself, and Teresa responds that she wants love, happiness, joy, friendship and reuniting. Jacqueline appreciates this whole thing and says that this trip is making her miss Teresa, which she never thought would happen again. Teresa and Jacqueline step aside for a heart to heart, where Jacqueline admits that she misses Teresa and is having fun with her on this trip. She thinks that if they keep it positive, they can see where it goes. Teresa is less emotional, but says that she thinks this is a good strategy. Jacqueline is sorry that things got to such an ugly place, and Teresa says that her intention is never to do anything to hurt anyone, because karma might not come back just to her, but to her daughters as well. So…Jacqueline, who may or may not be extremely sensitive about any reference to karma walloping a child, wonders what exaaaaactly Teresa means by that. I wish someone from beyond the dead had instructed Teresa to just shut the fuck up every now and again.

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Real Housewives of New Jersey




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