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Over at the Manzo manse, Caroline is nervous about an interview she has with some radio bigwigs to discuss a possible parenting advice show. Albert encourages her to use her experience and run with it. Caroline says Albert is her biggest cheerleader, that he tells her a million times a day that he loves her and she's beautiful. "Maybe he needs glasses," she jokes, "but he ain't never gettin' 'em!" Albert promises to be Caroline's wingman and tells her to go knock 'em dead.

That weekend, it's time for Gia's meet. Teresa excitedly tells her mom that Joe is coming. Gia does a strong routine on the uneven bars, then asks Teresa if Joe has arrived yet. He hasn't. Teresa bitches to her mother about how Joe works all the time. Gia steps up to do the vault. She gets spooked at the last minute and doesn't even attempt to make her pass. Teresa thinks she's too excited about her uncle coming, which is affecting her concentration. As the last event of the day approaches, Joe is still nowhere to be seen.

Bonus: Kathy tells Joseph to pull his pants up and threatens to give him a wedgie. That is all.

Meanwhile, Caroline calls Jacqueline on the way to her interview. Jacqueline gives her the update on Bratshley's new car and Teresa and Joe's possible reconciliation. She says she doesn't think Teresa is ready to make up with Kathy, and Caroline admits she gets mixed vibes from Kathy. Caroline's phone comes in and out, so they hang up, and Caroline goes into her meeting. They ask why she thinks she'd bring in listeners, and she points to her blog. She admits she doesn't have experience in radio but thinks her life experience will make up for it. They tell her she needs to be quick on her feet and pose a question about friending exes on Facebook. She says it's not a problem and, if it breaks up a current relationship, that relationship was already broken from the start. The bigwigs like her answer and promise to contact her in a couple of days.

Elsewhere, the Gorgas don their best sparkly knit hats and begin the long, late drive to the gymnastics meet. They finally arrive but only after Gia has a less-than-stellar turn on the balance beam. Teresa again puts it down to her being distracted thinking about her uncle. Gia asks where Joe is, and Teresa says maybe he's planning to come for the awards. The Gorgas finally show up, and Juicy Joe makes no attempt to hide the sour look on his face. Teresa immediately tells Joe that Gia would have been better if he were there. Way to patch up those wounds, Giudice! Melissa insists that Joe mixed up the times and says Teresa is always doing the same thing. She mentions specifically that Teresa was two hours late to her godson Gino's first birthday. She says she's over the finger pointing.

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