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Back at the Wakile Sunday dinner, Kathy admits that she and Rosie have gotten into their share of ugly fights, and there was a time when Rosie thought that Kathy didn't include her in her heart. Kathy assures us that this was not the case, and that until Rosie accepted herself she couldn't really sustain fulfilling relationships even with family members. Rosie and Kathy's mother then talks about how her parents totally gave her to her childless aunt. Like, GAVE HER to the aunt. So, things in this family have been totally fucked for many, many generations. She talks about how she could never imagine doing that to her own children, and everyone cries except for Rich. Rich notes that grandma doesn't hold grudges, which is a sharp contrast to their insane cousins. Kathy hopes that her kids aren't as insane as everyone else in the family. Has she met Joseph?

At Casa de Giudice, Teresa tells her girls that she's having "lunch" with Zio Joe. Milania busts out with, "Who cares about Zio Joe?" Not me, that's for sure! Teresa yells at Milania to stop being fresh, or she'll have to go sit in her room for an hour. Milania, absolutely dead-eyed, says, "That means you hate me." People, watch and learn from the master. When is this girl going to get her own spin-off? Teresa turns to Gia, saying that she's trying to do everything in her power to keep the family together. Gia hopes for no drama. Meanwhile, Joe has put on his best salmon-colored shirt and black tie for the therapist appointment. He hopes that Teresa is receptive when the therapist tells her how wrong she is.

Elsewhere, Jacqueline's dad shows up at her place just to talk about how fucked up Ashle(y)(e) is. Apparently Ashle(y)(e) is heading to Hollywood, where she will obviously become a crack whore within a month. Now that Rock of Love is off the air, her career prospects are basically nil. And one Lindsay Lohan is more than enough. Jacqueline's dad understates that Ashle(y)(e) is exhausting. And then Jacqueline tells him about her falling out with Teresa, and he asks her why she cares. He conjectures that Teresa is busy trying to make a living, and if she pisses someone else off along the way, so be it. Plus, she was already a shitty friend. His advice is to stop caring, which seems to be a theme amongst the men on this show. This is why we don't have The Real Househusbands franchise. Despite the fact that she hates Teresa, Jacqueline also still misses her. Stupid feelings.

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