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And then Joe says that they're going to walk out of the therapist's office and put it all behind them, but as soon as they close the door they start bickering. I think maybe they forgot that they are still mic'ed, even though the camera isn't on them. So we hear audio of Joe telling Teresa that the tabloid shit has to stop, and her claiming that she didn't put anything out there, and him yelling at her not to lie. And THEN Joe yells, "You guys want to move 'em into that fucking shack that you built. He don't want to move there!" And then Teresa says that Joe should buy their parents a house, and what's the big deal since he's doing so well. If she had the money, she says, she would fucking give it to them. And then Joe calls her out on her expensive purse before yelling that she doesn't fucking get it. They are, like, literally in the stairwell of the therapist's building. In the end, they agree to love each other. So, fantastic progress after their first appointment. Good work, Dr. Sweeney! There's no better referral than this!

Next week: Rosie brings a lady home, Melissa works with choreographer Chris Judd, and we meet Albie's pro cheerleader girlfriend! Remember how Lauren said she doesn't get jealous of the girlfriends? She might make an exception in this case.

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