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Second Degree Manzo Slaughter

Upstairs, everyone comforts Christopher, who is concerned that this scene with Kim G. is going to affect his relationship with her son John, Christopher's best friend. Chris Laurita essentially says Kim G. had it coming (that and a smack -- yikes!). Caroline tells him his friendship with Kim's son will be strong enough to survive the strife. Albert brings up the valid point that Kim G. came with security to a damn Christmas house party. Who does that? People who expect trouble. Albie notes that the last person he saw bring bodyguards to an event was Danielle. Caroline interviews that in all her dealings with Kim G. she has nothing good to say about her. Mind you, none of this comforts Christopher, who is still worried about his relationship with his friend. Regardless, Albert and the rest of the crew's general consensus is "Fuck 'em." Like clockwork, Kim's son calls, but it's a real non-event because Christopher squashes the problem swiftly.

As everyone makes for the door, Melissa feels like it was an absolute success. As the Manzos leave, Caroline jokes with Melissa that they almost made it through the whole night without incident. She chuckles as she admits she's never thrown somebody out of a house other than her own. Melissa seems to take it all in stride.

The next day, Kathy's family prepares a spread for Kathy's holiday get-together. Rich asks if Teresa and Juicy are coming to their house, which opens the wound Kathy was working (not that) hard to keep closed. She says Teresa shut her down before she got the chance to ask, then explains that history has a way of repeating itself. Apparently Kathy's mom and Teresa's dad Giacinto are siblings, and Giacinto "wrote the book on holding grudges." Apparently Kathy's father sold Giacinto a shoe store, and then claimed Giacinto didn't finish paying him the last $100 for it. The fight fractured his relationship with Kathy's mom to the point that she still tears up about it while talking about it today. The takeaway is that people should forgive and forget when it comes to the one they love because you never know how much time you have together. On cue, Melissa calls five seconds later to say Teresa invited her to her house that day, and that she's trying to work things out, so she'll stop by Kathy's after she visits the Giudices.

That night, Caroline hosts her second radio show under the wing of Chief Engineer Christopher Knight. Alas, not Peter Brady. Tonight's topic is divorce. Jacqueline is listening from home, and it's a very pertinent topic for her, especially when Caroline and a caller talk about making sure that children of divorce know that, even though their parents may consider the marriage a mistake, kids will never be a mistake. Next up, Caroline talks to a listener whose friend is a Facebook oversharer. Alas, Jacqueline doesn't listen to this segment because Chris arrives home, though she could probably take some tips for dealing with Bratshley. Caroline moves onto divorced parents harboring guilt, which definitely hits close to home for Jacqueline. Chris calls in on the sly to ask how he can step in as a step-parent and make his relationship with his daughter-by-marriage more meaningful. Caroline chokes up as soon as she realizes who the caller is and heaps the praise on him for having pure intentions and commitment to his stepdaughter.

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