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Meanwhile, Caroline tells us how when Jaime came out to her, she called Albert while hysterically crying. She explained to Al that she wasn't crying because he was gay, but because of all the pain he would have to endure. But now Jaime has found someone whom he truly loves, and she would rather he live happily with Rich than unhappily with some beard named Susie. True that, Miss Manzo. OH AND THEN. The Manzos and Lauritas and Giudices ride back to their hotel in the shuttle, and it turns out that someone has farted. Joe Giudice has a theory about who, and says to Greg, "You've probably got the loosest butthole here." As will not surprise you, Joe thinks that this is hilarious. You know who doesn't think it's hilarious? Greg. Teresa and Chris Laurita are cackling too, while Jacqueline has a nervous grimace and Caroline covers her eyes with her hands. Caroline says that Joe Giudice is the shell of a man she met four years ago. She looks at him now and sees an unhappy, troubled man who very well might have a drinking problem. Remember how he, like, chipped his tooth while doing somersaults on the marble floor once? ON CAMERA? All I'm saying is, Caroline has a point. Joe apologizes to Greg and gives him a hug and a kiss. Greg is moderately receptive. Caroline is trying to keep all of her feelings in about Joe and Teresa, because she knows that Teresa will ruin her brother's wedding like she ruins everything else. But Caroline is a ticking time bomb, as evidenced by her constant tick tick ticking. As Joe asks Teresa to sit on his finger, we fade out.

Next week: Joe and Teresa ruin Jaime's wedding, as predicted. And there is more scandal involving shit-talking in a tabloid!

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