Acid Queen

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Acid Queen

Apparently, the Devil-talk piqued Steve's interest, because they continue the conversation at a table. Steve says the Devil doesn't just talk to anyone and that Sam must be special. But why? A little too hastily, Steve says he forgives Sam and that he'll make sure Tony does, too. Sam asks where Tony is, and Steve reveals that Tony is doing publicity for a Seattle Style party. Convenient. The party is for the twenty most beautiful women in the city. Double convenient. Sam asks Steve to score invites for The Stooges. Steve says he'll try, and they toast.

Back at The Bench, The Stooges strategize about the party. Tony enters, and JBL gives him a bear hug (not that kind of bear). Andi comes up just as Tony hands them the tickets. JBL foot-in-mouths that he's going to bag a model, and Andi raises her eyebrow since she and Sam were supposed to hang out that night. Tony smoothes things over, claiming Sam had planned to surprise Andi with a ticket to the party. He further glosses that none of the twenty beautiful women can compare to her. See! It pays to be in with the gays. Trust.

That night, the red carpet is rolled out, and the paps are snapping away. The Stooges stand near the flashes, pretending someone might actually want to take their picture. Sam tries to rein in a boobmatized Ben and JBL in, reminding them of their mission. They head off to look for Nikki while Sam waits for Andi. The crowds part, and Andi appears, looking a bit like a high-end hooker if I'm being honest. Sam makes his way to her, and they head to the bar to get some stronger booze. Nikki spies them through the crowd.

Ben tries to work his nonexistent game. JBL scorns him, which is pretty tough talk from a man in a hot pink scarf-argyle sweater combo. Just sayin'... They spot Angela. JBL decides to school Ben on seduction using poor Angela as a guinea pig. He claims he's a palm reader and starts stroking her hand. Before you can say 2 Live Crew, he busts into a rap -- "Yo' gon' be my baby mama/Benji, take notes if you wanna." Also, he raises the roof. Angela walks off.

Over at the bar, Nikki eavesdrops as Sam and Andi flirt awkwardly. It's so very first date. Finally, Andi pulls Sam in for a kiss. The music dies down, strings swell, and they are alone in the world. Until, that is, Sam's phone rings. It seems Cady got all the messages and is finally returning his call. Mood killer. He says he won't answer, but Andi insists. It provides just enough distraction for Andi to wander off. Nikki follows, and Sam spots the acid-slinger stalking his girl.

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