Acid Queen

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Acid Queen

Outside, Andi -- who gives up way too easily -- heads home. Nikki readies her acid-dripping hand. Back at the party, a man mistakes The Stooges for valets, so Sam hands the guy a ticket and hops in the car to race off and find Andi. Back in the dark alley, Nikki calls out to Andi. Nikki rears up, but The Stooges run over her before she strikes. Ben pushes Andi into the car, and they speed off. Sam decides to do a 360, though, which puts Nikki right in their path. She hurls acid on the car, and Sam veers off course, crashes, and sends them all spinning through the air. Commercials.

Back at the scene of the crash, Sam wobbles out of the car as Nikki stalks toward him. She tosses some acid in Sam's direction, but he finally grasps his bubble-blowing chi and reaps her, tagging on a fierce, "Say goodnight, bitch."

Moments later, the medics cart a neck-braced Andi off on a gurney. Everyone else got away with only scratches. Ben and JBL tell Sam Andi will be OK, but Sam blames himself. He's sick of putting his friends in danger. JBL and Ben tell him they know the risks, and they still have Sam's back.

Over at the hospital, Sam just wants to buy a cup of crappy coffee, but he has to deal with WiseGuy. Sam gets real with WiseGuy, saying Andi shouldn't have been put in danger because of his reap-sponsibilities. WiseGuy counters that everyone is fair game. Sam insists he wants to protect Andi, but WiseGuy prefers a "love 'em and leave 'em" philosophy. Sam's doesn't subscribe. (That WiseGuy says Sam could end up like him by adopting this lifestyle is not a big selling point, I'm sure.)

Andi wakes up and chats with JBL and Ben. They exit when Sam enters, though, and Andi asks Sam what happened the night before. She recalls some details about the reap, but Sam says she was hallucinating from the concussion. He suggests she gets some rest, then thinks better of it and admits there are things he'll never be able to tell her. But he promises he will never risk losing her. He kisses her on the head and walks away, ignoring WiseGuy's invite to a strip club buffet. Andi lies in her bed, bewildered.

Back at the apartment, Steve invites Sam in to talk privately. They enter a lounge-slash-panic room where Steve claims WiseGuy can't hear them. Steve says he's seen a lot of reapers, but Sam is different. WiseGuy actually stoops to speak to Sam, for example, and seems fascinated by him. Steve cryptically says that everyone has different reasons for fighting the Devil. "Tony and I have ours, " he says, "and you have yours." But it looks like we'll have to find out The Gays' reasons in a few weeks because that's all she wrote.

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