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All Mine

WiseGuy resurrects the dead-end conversation by giving Sam a pink slideshow camera. Instead of unicorns and puppies, the slides include various dead middle-aged women -- one died from anaphylactic shock, one from West Nile, and one from an bug bite-related infection. Oh yeah, and there's one of WiseGuy with a starlet at the Emmys. Sam mentions they were all killed by bugs, and WiseGuy adds that all three deaths occurred in the last two months but gives Sam no more information, except to "follow the bugs." As WiseGuy leaves, Sam screams out for the vessel but is interrupted when he walks right into the box.

On a break, The Stooges sit at a drive-through. Sam describes the promotion, and JBL launches into Number One of this week's nonsensical JBL time-fillers, repeatedly calling Sam a kiss-ass. (And let's just stop and ponder: why hasn't Ben been promoted? He's clearly the brains of this operation. Tedager, you're a racist!) The whole conversation is ridiculous and -- like many of the elements of this show -- blatantly designed for the sole purpose of achieving some writer's goal. The conversation does, however, have two highlights: 1) JBL coins the term "ass gasket." 2) Ben and JBL squabble when Ben wants to order a salad, and JBL insists that it's "chick order." The whole scene evokes some sort of dysfunctional family dramedy, starring JBL as a rageaholic macho-man dad.

Sam eventually diverts his attention and spots an exterminator van. Heeding WiseGuy's advice to "follow the bugs," he tells JBL to trail the van. They end up at Horseshoe Court apartments. They puzzle whether the exterminator is the escapee, then overhear him saying he'll have to fumigate the whole complex. At that, a swarm of bees flies in his van to attack. Sam breaks the van's window, but too late, and the bees fly away, leaving a swollen corpse behind.

JBL jitters as The Stooges enter The Bench. He claims bugs got in his pants. Meanwhile, Ben and Sam have determined that this week's escapee lives in the apartment complex, and that the exterminator's attempt to kill the bugs caused the escapee to sic them on him. JBL antes in on the game with some stolen mail from the complex out of his pants.

JBL then spots Andi with another guy in The Bench's food court. None of them know who it is, but -- judging from the well-kempt, clued-in look of the guy -- he ain't from around here. Moreover, he's got the generically pleasant appeal of Election-era Chris Klein and a dash of goofy-handsome John Krasinski style; plus he's wearing a pink-and-white Oxford -- hot. JBL is quick to conclude that Andi met this guy at the lecture she invited Sam to attend, and that the pair will probably get married and leave Sam in the dust. If only the writers would allow Andi the good fortune. Sam goes over to greet/interrogate him. We learn that his name is Greg, he goes to the college, and he's totally into Andi.

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