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All Mine

Greg's convincing Andi to go back to school full-time. For Sam's part, this means Andi would have to quit The Bench. He tries to dissuade her, saying that huge loans will land her back at The Bench. Greg counters that having a college degree might actually lead to a *gasp* career -- with a salary! And a future! As someone with a master's degree and an entry-level job, I beg to differ. But we'll suspend disbelief for now, if only to focus on Sam's dismal future. So futureless Sam comes back at Greg's tantalizing with, "There's a future here at Work Bench -- toilets! Everybody needs 'em." Andi smiles awkwardly. Greg digs the knife in deeper, saying, "I'm not knockin' you, Sam. I'm just saying Andi could be so much more." And he's just summed up the essence of Sam's weakness in six words. With that stunning judgment, Greg departs. Andi cringes, then vamooses.

In the employees' lounge, JBL and Ben look through the stolen mail. Sam apprises them of the Andi situation but holds out hope that Andi will stay. Moving on, he asks the others if they found anything. Nothing unusual, it seems, until Sam spies mail belonging to Harold Bunsen. Ben locates a gas bill showing Bunsen moved into Horseshoe Court two months ago -- around the time the murders began. They suspect Bunsen, and JBL says they can know for sure.

Cut to the courthouse. Conveniently, JBL still has a set of Josie's keys from when they dated. He keeps it for "emergencies only," such as taking naps at her apartment. Then we see a regrettable gag involving Josie's log-in password "grumpy," a.k.a. JBL's weenis. Sam -- to the relief of all -- declines to learn the history of this nickname.

While Sam searches for Bunsen, JBL keeps watch outside and launches into the Number Two time-filler: hitting on everything that moves. He then sees Josie making her way toward the office and tells Sam to get out, but Sam's found nothing, so JBL must stall. Josie's boss introduces himself as "Daniel Scofield, District Attorney." JBL gives it right back to him: "Bert Wysocki, King of Beers." After DSDA walks off, JBL tastefully accuses Josie of banging her boss. (Sarcasm.) Then he spits out a last-ditch yelp that he has cancer…or had a dream about cancer…or something. By the time he's done with that monologic train wreck, Sam has found what he needs, so JBL wraps up, and Josie orders him never to come to her office again.

In the car, they peruse more stolen documents on Bunsen. (Side note: It is a travesty that Bunsen wasn't the escapee in the series premiere. Bunsen Burner -- come on!) Back in the '60s, Bunsen was the prime suspect in the mysterious murder of his wife, but there was never enough evidence to charge him. Then he disappeared in '72. Sam thinks that's when he died and went to hell, but can't reckon why Bunsen would escape Hell just to whack old broads. JBL confirms the escapee's MO upon seeing a photo of Mrs. Bunsen's corpse, which was found in a compost heap, completely devoured by bugs. He suggests they blow off this reap, but Sam wants to check out the vessel first.

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