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All Mine

Back at The Bench, The Stooges stand in front of the smoking box. They open it…and it's a toaster. Ben observes that the vessel has to be plugged in. The remedy? Many, many extension cords, courtesy of this week's "What can I steal from The Bench to do the Devil's bidding?" moment.

Outfitted with about 43 miles of orange extension cords, The Stooges head over to Bunsen's. JBL and Ben look for an outlet in the laundry room while Sam spies on Bunsen. Because it wouldn't be a complete episode without the vessel breaking in some way -- and because JBL is a jackass -- he decides to test out the vessel. Ben protests, but JBL flips the switch and sends a shower of sparks out of the toast slots. For good measure, he beats the toaster with a broom, screaming, "Die, toaster, die!" I can't speak for the vessel, but at least Ben didn't get hurt…yet.

By Bunsen's apartment, Sam looks on as Bunsen indulges in a fairly wholesome afternoon, save for swarming bees filling his apartment. JBL and Ben join Sam, which attracts Bunsen's attention. The bees furiously fly toward The Stooges, smashing into a large glass window. The Stooges run like little girls and drive off, knocking Sam's Work Bench vanity tag off the Prius. Bunsen picks it up, with machinations dancing in his head.

Back at The Bench, Ben fixes the vessel while Sam develops a game plan. JBL announces that he's bailing. Sam reaffirms that he is the only one obligated to perform these tasks, but Ben is gung-ho to squash them bugs. Ben figures out the toaster's problem, but fixing it will require ordering parts. Sam says he'll go it alone rather than getting Ben hurt again. Then Sam and Andi get called to Tedager's office over the loudspeaker. As Sam heads out, JBL calls him a kiss-ass, and Ben calls JBL a coward. Zing!

In Tedager's office, Sam refuses the Assistant Manager position, so Tedager gives it to Andi. She flatly refuses it. He tells her she has a week to think it over, but she blurts out that she won't be there next week. She's decided to go back to school. Sam's visibly upset. Tedager channels David Brent/Michael Scott, saying, "Awkward…for both of you…almost for all three of us, actually, since I was right here when it happened."

Cut to the bar for Andi's congratulations get-together. JBL asks what the allure of college is, and Andi explains that she wants a career one day, not just a job, and that she'll never be able to buy a house on Work Bench wages. JBL counters that he has a house – his mom's. He's bringing sexy back, all right. Josie calls him out for being a leech, and supports Andi's decision to return to school. "This time it is going to stick," she says.

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