All Mine

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All Mine

At the college, Sam finds Andi eating a delicious-looking cookie. He sways uncomfortably and mumbles some things before coming out with it. He admits that he doesn't like the idea of not working with Andi anymore. Fortunately for all of us, he needn't say anymore because Andi tells him that someone reported that the whole college was full of asbestos, so the college cancelled all its classes for the semester. She says it's weird, and Sam agrees. And then, surprise!, he looks over and sees WiseGuy issuing a car-salesman-worthy thumbs-up and smiling his gleaming-white-teeth best -- all while feeding a squirrel.

Back on the bench (not to be confused with The Bench), Andi admits she's relieved. She wasn't ready to resume her old life, and wants things to "stay exactly the same." She thinks she'll be ready to go back to school one day and even suggests that Sam could go back one day, too. Yeah, that's likely. But for the time being, they make a pact that nothing will change. He asks if he can finish her cookie. He eats it, and…no bugs! They sit on the bench and stare at the tarp-covered building, symbol of the accomplishment they'll probably never actually achieve. Good times.

Next week: A sword-wielding Rico Suave tries to skewer Sam's balls. Sam kvetches about the lack of vacation days on his job, so WiseGuy nearly has him run over by a truck, saying, "I trust I've made my point." Four episodes in, are things picking up a bit? Let's hope so.

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