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Demon Daze

Sam and JBL are back at the stain, and the oily visage of Steve has returned, despite two coats of paint. Conveniently, Tony appears; Sam asks what he thinks the spot looks like, but Tony doesn't say "Steve." He does, however, ask Sam to step aside for a private chat. They head into a circular tent, which doesn't quite have enough room for JBL's ample ass, but he joins anyway. Tony unravels a parchment -- the demon rebels' latest plan. They want to use an ages-old cage to trap WiseGuy. Sam reminds Tony how poorly the last rebellion went and says he doesn't want to be involved. Tony assures him all they want from him is his employee discount.

As they finish loading supplies, JBL zeroes in on a horny (literally) demon girl. He tells he's all about damning The Man, invoking Erin Brockovich. She giggles, so he offers grab the rest of her items. He gives her forehead horns a flirty little tap and heads inside. We next find him rummaging around in the back of a big-rig. She saunters in after him. All of a sudden, two and two come together -- the first "two" being that JBL has absolutely no game, and the second being that this is one bangin' broad -- and it becomes obvious that his pas de duh partner must have something wrong with her. She commands him to kiss her, but he says he has a girlfriend. She insists and suddenly she's in full-on face-suck mode. Literally. As she kisses him, she steals his breath, and he passes out. Briefly thereafter, Ben finds JBL laid out in the truck. He asks where "Marlena," the hot demon chick went. JBL says he feels invigorated and demonstrates this by picking up a backyard grill. He starts to tell about his romp with Marlena, but instead opts to go "blast [his] tri's."

Inside, Andi hands Sam a newspaper with palm reader ads. She thinks it will help him find Madame Ozera. He tries to pawn the research off on her, to no avail. As she walks off, he tells her he saw Steve on the security monitor. He knows he sounds nuts, but she's inclined to believe after all the supernatural eye openers she's had in the last few weeks. She tells him to ask Steve why he's back next time they see each other. She heads off, and Sam scans some merchandise, including what turns out to be this week's vessel,'s a baseball.

He picks up the vessel and is transported to a baseball diamond. Didn't we already do this, like 10 episodes ago? Maybe Sam will finally take the chance to wallop WiseGuy in the crotch. To really hammer home the "WiseGuy is Sam's dad" plot extravaganza, they play a game of catch. WiseGuy asks for a progress report on the rebellion, and Sam lies that the demons have given up. WiseGuy offers to teach Sam how to throw a curve ball, which is thinly veiled excuse to crush Sam's hand so he'll squeal on Tony. Which happens about as quickly as you expect. If not sooner... WiseGuy smugs over the demons' idiotic cage plan and offers to buy Sam a beer to celebrate his omnipotence.

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