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Demon Daze

Still hanging after the break, Sam drops the baseball vessel, which rolls toward JBL. He busts in and saves Sam, but the invisible noose still chokes Sam's neck, so JBL has to hike him up on his shoulders like they're playing chicken at a pool party. They run outside as the soul peels out in her PT Cruiser, and, still playing chicken, they run down the street in the least threatening pursuant positioning ever. Sam picks up on JBL's sudden burst of strength and agility. JBL starts to describe his Succubus sweetie but is interrupted when the soul turns her car on them. Just as it nearly hits them, Sam grabs onto a telephone wire, and JBL bails. As Sam dangles, JBL takes the baseball out of his pocket and hurls it at the PT. Thanks to his Succubal strength, it blasts through the rear window, finishing the reap. No longer noosed, Sam can drop and celebrate with JBL.

Back at The Bench, JBL tries to regale Ben with his heroism, but Ben suspects JBL's on drugs. He threatens to tell JBL's mom, forcing JBL to reveal Marlena's mystical make-out powers. Ben doesn't quite grasp how amazing Marlena's kiss is, so JBL compares it to the pleasure wearing his bike pants -- times 20! (Maybe I'd get that better if I had boy parts...) In a move that is not a little creepy, Ben says he wants a taste.

Cue to The Bench food court. Marlena has come to meet JBL. Ben joins their tête-à-tête and full-on leers until Marlena asks what's going on. At which point JBL basically propositions her for a threesome. Classy. And the look in Ben's eyes is so hopeful. It's pathetic. He even offers to pay. So now she's a slut and a whore. It's a good day to be a girl in Stooge-land. Needless to say, Marlena makes a quick exit.

Night falls on 666, and Sam walks in to confront Dad. As ever, Dad tries to act breezy, but Sam recaps his visit to the Fortune Teller. Dad persists in avoiding, so Sam really lays it down. He blames his parents for putting his life in risk and says he wants the truth. Dad's façade breaks a bit, and he admits there's something he wants he could tell Sam, but doing so would cause their world to collapse. They both lament the situation. Walking out, Sam gets a call from Tony, who invites Sam to the site, then looks at his demon pal conspiratorially.

Over at the site, Tony shows Sam a big hole in the ground. I'm sure Sam's really happy he rushed out to the middle of nowhere for this! He immediately starts unloading about Dad to Tony, who gets a bleak look on his face and says, "Yeah, we know," then shoves Sam into the hole and slams down the cage door. Sam screams at Tony, who reveals that Sam is the son of Satan. It's news to Sam, so he's utterly confused and disbelieving. Tony continues to drop bombshells about Sam's powers, the pages ripped out of the contract...and the list goes on.

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