Cash Out

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Cash Out

As they head out, Sam updates them on Hwang. Ben goes to check police reports. Then JBL has a crisis of conscience and admits to Sam that he bought a little more than just a belt buckle. Cut to a massive pile of crap -- basically it looks like if one of those movie-theater-lobby claw games exploded. There are stuffed animals, huge piggy banks, electric guitars -- you name it, JBL bought it. He says he's trying to make amends with his ex-girlfriend, Josie (remember her? the DA?) for that time he accidentally burnt down her apartment. And if he can get some make-up sex out of the deal, that'd be okay, too.

Just then, Ben returns to tell them about an inside man who worked at the bank involved in the robbery. His name is Rick Forster, and he's still alive and working at a donut shop. They hit up the donut shop, but are too late; the slovenly manager tells them the cops hauled Forster away that morning. Sam leaves his contact information.

Back in The Bench parking lot, The Stooges are frustrated that their lead was a dead end. Sam interrupts the bitchfest to ask what time it is. The Stooges immediately know he's late to meet Beelzebabe. He tells them to stop harassing him, but they insist that he prove she's not WiseGuy's daughter. JBL gets the bright idea that they should look on her body for the Mark of the Devil (666).

Cut to The Stooges and Beelzebabe slurping down margs in a hot tub. Hot-tubbing, JBL tells Cady, is his passion. And no hot-tub scene would be complete without a patented JBL pratfall. That dispensed of, he gets up under the ruse of braiding Cady's hair. Of course, he's actually checking for the Mark. Because she's a weirdo, or completely stupid, she allows this tomfoolery...until he starts asking her whether she likes to eat animals or ever spontaneously bursts into flames.

Cady asks Sam if she can have a moment alone with The Stooges. She nicely tells them she knows they're just trying to protect Sam, but that she genuinely likes him and isn't trying to break up their friendship. She even offers to do anything they ask to prove it. Bad idea, sister. JBL plows forward with the Mark of the Devil theory and asks if they can see her naked. She'll show them hers, if they show her theirs. A blessed ellipsis follows, after which Ben and JBL strut into the garage, give Sam the thumbs-up, and send him out to a naked and waiting Cady in the hot tub.

The next day at The Bench, Sam walks up and tells JBL and Ben that Forster got in touch with him. They return to the donut shop. Forster explains that he met Johnson and Hwang in the high-stakes gambling world. They entrapped him and forced him to leave the bank unlocked. He was pinned for the crime, and lost his family. The Stooges leave, figuring that Hwang will be hanging out in gambling dens. They remember that Tedager used to gamble heavily, so he can probably clue them in on some high-stakes games.

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