Cash Out

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Cash Out

But first, JBL must return Josie's spectacular amounts of cheap crap. She comes home after a long day at work, and JBL greets her warmly, but she ain't havin' it. Then she sees all the stuff, which immediately raises a red flag. She suspects he stole it. JBL gets irritated that his "noble gesture" isn't having its intended effect, so he digs himself deeper in the hole by calling her a variety of names and accusing of her of looking like she has a third butt cheek in a pair of pajamas. She walks inside, he mumbles a bit, and...scene.

The other two, at The Bench, knock on Tedager's door. He is typically snide, but they pique his interest by mentioning gambling. He readies himself to be their Gamblers' Anonymous sponsor, but they cut him off. He eventually tells them the high-stakes games are in Chinatown, and the ante is ten thousand bucks. Ben smacks down a bundle of bills, and Tedager practically creams his pants at the sight. He offers his poker expertise if they'll stake him. This can't be good.

At the bar, Josie and Andi have gathered for girl talk. Josie shows Andi the trophy JBL returned, and they agree about all the weird behavior The Stooges have exhibited lately. "Something is up," intuits Josie. No shit, Sherlock.

Four white-bread geeks walk into a Chinatown gambling den. No, it's not the set-up to a joke -- it's The Stooges, with support from Tedager! The stern and shiny-headed bouncer is skeptical, until Ben introduces himself as "Ben...Ben Franklin" and smoothly slips him a hundred-dollar bill. Once inside, Tedager fingers the high-stakes table, and Ben spots Hwang. A shark appears from nowhere and grabs Tedager, slamming him against a poker table. Tedager owes the shark $1,200. He nabs the cash and breaks Tedager's finger. Tedager, who knows what's good for him, vamooses. The shark invites The Stooges into "a friendly game of cards."

Game on! JBL -- who would under any circumstances be a ridiculously bad poker player -- decides to go out in a blaze of glory and "let it ri-ide." The dealer reminds JBL it's not his bet, and Hwang tells him to take back his chips. JBL submits, along the way managing to call Hwang Mr. Sulu. Because there's no better way to catch a crook than by breaking them down with strategic Star Trek references. Hwang seems to crumble at this, though. When Ben pulls out another 10K bundle, Hwang steps away to the bathroom.

Down twenty thousand bucks, The Stooges indiscreetly scram from the table. Outside the bathroom, their strategy session is interrupted when Hwang pops through the wall and grabs Ben. He pops back out, this time leaving Ben halfway in the wall, and threatens that Ben will be cut in two if he lets go. In exchange for Ben's life, he wants the vessel and his money. They have 45 minutes to return with the money, or Ben dies. Commercials.

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