Cash Out

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Cash Out

Sam and JBL are back in a flash, and Hwang is still there with Ben. Ben is now dislodged. Hwang tells them to drop the bags and walk away, but they want Ben back first. Hwang reminds them they have nothing to gamble with, since he has both Ben and Bic. He shoves Ben's head into the concrete-and-steel-reinforced wall, where he can't breathe. Sam drops one bag and pulls a can of gasoline out of another. He starts to douse the cash bag. Hwang mocks this attempt at a bluff. Sam is steadfast as he screams that the money is cursed, lights the bag on fire, and tosses it over a wall. Hwang drops Ben and walks through the wall to retrieve his cash, which conveniently forces the lighter to drop behind him. Ben picks it up and tosses it to Sam. Inside the burning bag, Hwang finds not cash, but JBL's singed boxers. Sam then reaps Hwang with quite a bit of panache. It's gangster.

As usual, they sit around afterward and congratulate each other on a job well done. Ben, who always takes the hits, it seems, is particularly out of sorts from this run-in. He yells into the lighter that Hwang's attempt on his life "wasn't cool!" JBL's already scheming what to do with the cash, so Sam must again remind them of its corrupting influence. Ben asks who gets the money. Sam says someone who deserves it more than they do.

Cut to the donut shop. Forster bumbles around and drops some donuts to reinforce what a hapless sap he is. He hears a noise out in the dining room, and goes to check it out. He sees the bags we know are full of money. On them, a note reads, "Quit this crappy job." Cut to the exterior, where we hear Forster's yelp of unadulterated joy.

At the bar, Sam walks in to meet Cady. Natch, WiseGuy is there instead. WiseGuy taunts Sam that sticking to his old-fashioned, Jimmy-Stewart-good-guy ideals has left him in the poorhouse. He tells Sam that Forster's future holds a yearlong gambling binge and, consequently, homelessness. Cady walks up and bids "Jerry" a less-than-enthusiastic hello. He asks about her mother. "She's great...since she dumped you," Cady snarls in return. WiseGuy offers to buy the first round, and leaves just in time for things to be super-awkward.

Cady asks if Sam and "Jerry" are friends, but Sam covers that "Jerry" knows his dad. Cady gets an uncomfortable look on her face and owns up that she has no idea who her dad is, but there's a strong possibility that it's "Jerry." So much for the naked litmus test. Sam refuses to acknowledge the possibility, pointing out all the differences between Cady and "Jerry." Like Troy Bolton in High School Musical 2, he's willing to bet on it, bet on it. They seal this gamble with a kiss. Cady, illuminated in devilish red light, hugs Sam and tells him he's an amazing boyfriend. Just then he notices her ability to kill by proximity when a vase full of flowers wilts behind her.

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