Coming to Grips

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All Hands on Deck

Ben and JBL locate the hand in another room and push up a ceiling tile so it will fall. Instead, down drops a fully formed King 3. Did I mention he's completely naked? So now he's in the buff and literally riding JBL bareback. Ben stands back, stunned into submission. Honestly, I'm surprised he hasn't gone completely blind and white-haired from the sight. At any rate, JBL stumbles into the hallway with King 3 still on his back. Finally, he falls down and King 3 springs free. Ben and JBL stay behind, having had enough naked reaping for...well...the rest of their lives.

Down the hall, King 3 takes pause from his jog to freedom to adore his reflection. Bad move. He suddenly dissolves into a puff of smoke and we see that Sam has snuck up behind and reaped him. I think that was the most complicated reap to date. Moments later, Sam returns to where he left Andi, but she's gone.

At the bar, Sam forlornly asks if The Stooges think Andi will show up, revealing to them that Andi said she was afraid of him. The conversation turns over to Ben's ball-and-chain, who has procured wedding rings. Ben takes that thoughtful gesture as a natural segue to tell her that he's found another chick and wants to end things. But Dawn won't give up that easily. Ben threatens to report her, but she fires back that she can finger him for extortion, so they'd both land in jail. With that, she leaves. Ha!

Andi arrives, and Sam takes her aside, all, "So...weird day?" She gets that he was trying to protect her, and she's duly impressed that he's actually alive after all the double life hijinx. She asks whether he told her loved her because he meant it or so she wouldn't go to the cops. With a dumb grin on his face, he says, "Both." She can't help but laugh, and they share a quick peck. JBL and Ben walk over and break up the PDA. Andi asks if Scooby duties pay, and JBL says that Sam has to buy them beer whenever they demand it...which would be now.

Smiling, Sam ambles over to the bar, but ends up outside of Tony's cabin, where WiseGuy greets him. WiseGuy brings up the favor Sam promised earlier and says Sam really should think before he acts. WiseGuy wants Sam to infiltrate Tony's revolutionary plot and act as a diabolical informant. Sam doesn't want to, of course, but he has no choice. WiseGuy warns that Andi will suffer the consequences of Sam's refusal. WiseGuy asks, "Well, Sam, what's your answer?" But before Sam can respond, Tony comes outside. He invites Sam inside to meet some people, saying he thinks Sam could be a real help in the revolution. And...scene.

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