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Fools in Love

Back at The Bench, Sam and JBL see Andi's with her ex-boyfriend, Greg Krasinski. Before Sam can investigate, Ben runs up with the gory details about Chainsaw McG. He's killed 30 people -- and he's a fictional character in a movie franchise. Sam thinks maybe Gladys was right. As he walks off, he looks back at Greg, who gives him a smarmy smile.

Andi catches up to Sam, and tells him that Greg showed up unannounced. Apparently he has some sort of family crisis and invited Andi out for coffee. She gives Sam a total out, saying she'd understand if he didn't want her to go, but Sam's stupid, so he says it's not a problem. Andi comes in for a kiss, but Sam sneezes practically in her face. Just one of the precious moments of monogamy, my friends. He asks if Andi's wearing perfume, but she suspects it's Greg's cologne since he "drowns himself in it." Something tells me this information will be useful later... They plan to reconnect later.

At the hospital, Ben's on a cafeteria date with the saucy nurse from last week. She asks him why they don't go anywhere public. She suspects he's hiding something...and suggests it might have something to do with the wedding ring he's wearing. D'oh! Ben fills her in on his green card marriage. She's dubious but willing to play along as his "mistress."

Later that night at the apartment, Sam tries to play it cool while leaving Andi a voicemail. He's ready for romance, but she's still out with Greg. He goes to the fridge to get something, but when he peers in, he sees the front of a house. He's suddenly transported outside. WiseGuy strolls up with a tune in his heart, a whistle on his lips, and one heck of a Bowie knife in his hand. He gives the knife to Sam as a present because he "might need it some time." Sam is reasonably freaked out, but his fears must wait because WiseGuy's already waltzing into the unlocked house.

WiseGuy starts ranting about trust, honesty, and integrity -- words he hates because people use them too casually. Sam doesn't understand, so WiseGuy leads him into another room and says, "I show you this because I care." Sam sees Andi and Greg making out on a couch. Suddenly, they realize they're not alone and that, indeed, Sam is there...with a big honkin' knife. Andi tells Sam to put down the knife, so he heaves it into the floor and walks off. Andi runs after him and says she doesn't even know how she got there, like she's suffering temporary insanity. It wouldn't be the craziest thing to happen in Sam's world... They walk off together as Greg peers down at them Norma Bates-style from above.

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