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Fools in Love

Sam drinks alone at the bar. But not for long, as WiseGuy pops up, offering him a shot. He reminds Sam of the messy and inevitably murderous situation he's created and says, "You know what you have to do." In turn, Sam produces his "Get out of jail free card," and says he's using it on Greg's behalf. WiseGuy asks if he's sure, but Sam points out that, since there's always a catch with these deals, WiseGuy would find another way to ensnare Sam if he used it for himself. WiseGuy notes that Sam is getting smarter each day. A moment later, the card has gone up in flames, signifying Greg's freedom. WiseGuy nastily congratulates Sam on giving up eternity for a "workplace crush." Sam tells him not to worry and starts to walk off, saying there's plenty of time. WiseGuy says ominously, "Maybe. Maybe not."

Back at Makeout Hill, Andi and Sam recline side by side. Andi feels bad that Greg was desperate enough to sell his soul for her, but she doesn't feel that bad since he was obviously crazy. But enough of that ugliness... She points out a shooting star, and they gaze dreamily into the sky from inside the Cadillac...which is now a convertible.

Next week: WiseGuy drops in on Gladys, and some sort of Tremors-like creature swallows a woman whole as Sam and Andi look on. Dear sweet Jesus, say it ain't so! Not Gladbags!

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