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Hey It's That Guy! Ray Wise

If the David Lynch connection doesn't work for you, maybe you know him as Vice President Hal Gardner on 24. Need a politician tangled in intrigue tangentially involving heavy breather Kiefer Sutherland? Check! Ray Wise, baby. At your service.

Even if you didn't watch Twin Peaks or 24, though, Wise should still look familiar. Among other things, the guy has been a great beneficiary of both the long history of, and the recent boom in, crime procedurals and lawyer shows, since he can do both sleazeball attorneys and sleazeball defendants. He's managed to make appearances not only on major players like CSI and Law & Order: SVU, but also on Shark, The Closer, Bones, and oodles of others. He was even in the mid-'90s WB soap Savannah, which you probably don't remember unless you are a Jamie Luner completist, in which case...good for you.

Despite this history of playing professionals and politicians and other smooth-surfaced creeps, part of the reason Wise is so versatile, and so good as the devil, is that before that, he was also sometimes kind of a thug. He played one of the villain's goons in Robocop, and when he appeared on Moonlighting, his character was simply named "Murderer."

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