Hungry For Fame

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Hungry For Fame

The next day, Josie enters The Bench and begins to interrogate The Stooges one-on-one about her idea. She ends with JBL. There's a whole "booyah" motif, but I'm scrupulously avoiding it so as not to stumble into "Whoomp! There It Is" territory. One can only handle so much '90s fad rap in one day.

Later, Cady and Sam meet at the bar. He apologizes for the mis-affair of the necklace. B-babe, it seems, knows Sam better than he knows himself, and has reservations about Sam's lingering feelings for Andi. She doesn't want to be a consolation prize, but he assures her that she won't be. Back to smooching...

Yet later, The Stooges stake out Casa Carmona. When JBL ignores yet another call from his mom, he decides he'd rather spend time with Carmama and heads inside. Ben realizes, perhaps too late, that this isn't the best idea since Carmona could return at any moment. Inside, JBL yoo-hoos, but no one answers. He discovers an errant shoe and an overturned chair in the kitchen. Just then, Carmona saunters into the living room, having at his teeth with a toothpick. JBL flies into a rage and chases Carmona. He tackles Carmona in the yard and starts reaming him out...for about five seconds until Carmona lets lamprey-like demon teeth loose. Luckily, Sam spears Carmona from behind, and thus endeth the reap.

Back at the bar, Andi and Josie join the fun. Andi and Sam offer mutual apologies over the necklace, then head their separate ways. Andi is clearly not excited about returning to the friend zone, and Josie calls her out on it. Andi turns it back on Josie, saying she's just bitter that The Stooges outsmarted her. Wouldn't you be? Over at the bar, Sam sees a promotional coaster for Ryan, but doesn't have time to go into it before JBL toasts to the masticated Mrs. Carmona. The boys trade stats between all their past reaps, deciding whether Carmona was the worst yet. A light bulb appears over Sam's head. He thinks Ryan wouldn't be so desperate for fame if he could see the miserable road ahead once he signs the contract with WiseGuy.

We pan down on the full arena and Ryan's sub par musical stylings. A jubilant WiseGuy is surrounded by kids throwing up the horns. The Stooges walk backstage and strategize, complete with the athlete circle and break. Now onstage, Ryan has transformed from homeless freak to Pete Doherty chic (if such a thing exists) in, like, 12 hours. But he still sucks. Oh, and by the way, now Ryan has an umlaut over the y and is pronounced REE-in. For the love...

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