Hungry For Fame

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Hungry For Fame

JBL grabs Dia-rhee-in and takes him for the Stooges' set-up. Ben dangles a piece of meat in front of Carmona, but he's not biting (literally). He tells REE-in that The Stooges kidnapped him. So REE-in steps in front, which I'd wager is a horrible idea, what with the whole cannibal thing. And lo and behold! Carmona gets a look at REE-in's fingerless-glove-bedecked, black-nail-polished hand and takes a big ol' bite. (Though I half suspect he also just wanted the faux rocker to shut his pie hole, so to speak.) Carmona sprints away, leaving REE-in with a bloody stump. Sam takes the empty stage to find him, and in his path falls said bloody stump. There's a minor tussle, but Sam prevails, spearing Carmona once again. I mean, come on, the soul was wearing a sweater vest for Satan's sake. How formidable could he have been?

The next day, Sam visits Ryan (who I assume has dropped the umlaut along with his manual abilities) in the hospital. His hand has been reattached but is insensate, and Ryan is pretty despondent. Sam tries to apologize for the whole cannibal mishap, but Ryan doesn't remember anything. Sam brings up the contract. Ryan whines that Gerry won't answer the phone. As Ryan admits he's let go of his dream, in walks the Rachel herself. Ryan professes his love for her and tells her he's definitely giving up music, seeing as he can't feel four of five fingers in his dominant hand. She smothers the sad sack in kisses. Happiness abounds.

And speaking of sad sacks, JBL returns home to his mom and MAC. JBL cops to his previous overreaction and offers to welcome MAC into the family. He heads to his room to unpack, but alas! Mom and her blue eyeshadow are kicking him out. Ha! He leaves the room with a burp and a clatter, only to discover his room is now a pottery studio. Double ha! So JBL is out on his tucchus.

Over at The Bench, it's a rendezvous of Sam's paramours. B-babe thinks the only reason that Andi doesn't like her is because she doesn't know her. So she tells her a super-cute, smiley story, the gist of which is, "Cross me, bitch, and I'll slash your tires...and maybe more. Toodles!" And I love her to pieces now. Why couldn't Cady have come, like, 8 episodes ago? Also, if there's any better indicator that she's the spawn of Satan than this sociopathic anecdote told with a gleaming grin, then I don't know what it is. But I can't wait to see it.

Over in the paint sales area, WiseGuy congratulates Sam on his momentary coup. He tries to pound it out and gives Sam a good-natured "I ain't mad atcha." He even suckers Sam into gloating a bit, then sends a row of huge shelves cascading toward Sam and nearly kills him. Just to make it all clear as crystal, he confirms that this isn't him mad, because that's really something. And with a Devilish grin, he's out.

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