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Hell's Mole

Sam is riding the elevator to his apartment when Mike hops on to the elevator with him. Awkward! Mike tries to convince Sam to go out clubbing with him, but Sam has no interest in going out "clubbing" with some middle-aged tanning salon milquetoast like Mike. Mike is disappointed to hear that despite all his charm, Sam is still intent on collecting him when he gets the vessel back. As Mike disappears, Sam opens the door to his apartment to find the Devil ready to celebrate the recapturing of Mike. Sam breaks it to him that Mike was just in his elevator and the Devil is less than thrilled. Sam doesn 't understand why the Devil cares so much about Mike since he 's just a player. The Devil looks hurt by this and explains to Sam that Mike is not just a skeeve -- he causes real havoc. He takes Sam on a field trip back to the house where he caught him climbing out the window to illustrate Mike 's damage: After Mike 's fling, the husband shot his wife and then killed himself. It was all Mike 's fault and he must be captured.

At their INS interview, Sarah and Ben fail to impress the civil servant with either their naked photos or their ability to invade each other 's personal body space without grimacing. Oh and Ben forgot Sarah 's mom 's name. The immigration officer tells them to prepare for jail and deportation.

Andi and Sock are arguing about what Andi should wear to the club tonight while they wait for Sam to get the contract from his parents. As Sam lumbers to the car under the weight of the contract, Sock and Andi comment on the size of Sam 's contract, which sounds like a really lousy pick-up line. Sam says it was strangely hard to convince his parents to give him the contract, but doesn 't really elaborate. During a really awkward moving-car shot where the "car" does nothing but move up and down like some pimped out hoopty, Sock talks to Ben, who is already sauced at the club. He is so sauced that by the time Sock, Sam, and Andi show up, he is actively getting kicked out of said club. Ben drunkenly tells them that he is going to jail on Monday because of the INS interview and then rips off his shirt and tears down the street. As they go to retrieve Ben 's drunk ass off the hood of the parked car he plowed into, they spot Mike getting chased out of the club by an irate boyfriend and climbing into a getaway car. Gladys 's car.

As the Scooby gang pulls up in front of Gladys 's house, Sam puts two and two together and realizes that Mike hasn 't been escaping from Hell, he hasn 't been going there at all. They bust into Gladys 's living room and catch the couple canoodling on the couch. As Sam tries to snap a photo of Mike, Gladys throws herself in front of the camera, blocking his shot. Gladys won 't budge and Mike grabs a knife and holds it to her throat threatening to stab her unless they let him go. Sock busts up laughing because Mike has managed to the one person he couldn't care less about as a hostage. As Sock launches into a tirade about how much he doesn 't care about Gladys, Mike stabs her in the neck and runs out the back door. Obviously the Scooby gang freaks out. For some reason they decide to take Gladys 's body with them and shove it into the Prius next to a passed-out Ben. No one knows what to do with a dead demon 's body (er, leave it in the living room?). Sock feels guilty about causing Gladys 's death and suggests that they burn her like a Viking. Sam figures they should ask Tony, but he 's not home, so the decide to bury her in Tony 's backyard. Sock suggests that they say a prayer, but Sam points out that Gladys was a demon, so instead Sock decides to sing Sabbath. Heh. Ben wakes up next to Gladys 's dead body just in time to help bury her. Tony shows up just then, too, so they have lots of help, although even with five people they still manage to dig a hole that's way too small. Sock offers to fold her. It 's really the least he can do what with getting her killed and all. During the eulogy Tony finally realizes that Gladys is a demon. He pulls out the blade that is still stuck in her chest and she wakes up to Sock looming over her. She chokes the living daylights out of him obviously. What would you do if you woke up to that guy leaning over you?

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