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Hell's Mole

Ben calls Sarah desperate to know what is going on with the immigration officer. Did the bribe work? Sarah breaks it to him that there was no bribe. She is taking his money and going on the lam. Ben frantically explains that without the money to pay the fine he will go to jail. Sarah doesn 't really care. She is running. There is no way she is going back to Manchester. Or Slough. She tells him that in her heart he will always be her first husband and that she left him some mac and cheese in the fridge. Bless her heart.

Tony and his friend are pouring over Sam 's contract. His friend asks how well Tony knows Sam, because they have a problem. Apparently someone went through the entire contract and carefully removed every reference to Sam 's father. Who is Sam 's father? The demons exchange knowing glances.

Ben is preparing to go to jail. His girlfriend Dee is dropping him off there. She is being understanding about dropping her boyfriend off at jail because she is excited that once Ben gets sprung he won 't be married anymore. Silver lining! Sam gives Ben a jail care package and Sock gives Ben a black eye so he will look tough while he 's in the clink. I guess Sock has finally answered the eternal question of what to get the guy who has everything! They hug and Ben goes off to spend his eight days in jail. As Sam collects shopping carts in the parking lot, he runs into the Devil, who is there to thank him for a job well done. Sam asks him to release Gladys on the grounds that it would be good for business if his employees didn 't hate him so much. The Devil points out that he debated Daniel Webster and that Sam is no Daniel Webster. Sam says please, makes puppy dog eyes, and the Devil falls for it. He pops Gladys out of Hell and she stumbles off into the sunset. Sam and the Devil split some turkey jerky unknowingly under the gaze of Tony and his friends, who have staked out the Workbench parking lot to spy on Sam. When faced with the evidence that Sam got the Devil both to show mercy and to split his turkey jerky, Tony have to recognize the truth: Sam is the son of the Devil.

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