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What About Blob

As they leave, JBL low-talks that he thinks Hartford is the soul, since he didn't care about Fazio's death. Sam says maybe, and JBL says there's only one way to find out. He grabs the sweater-vessel and sprints back to Hartford, pulling it over his head. They wrassle around as security tries to pry JBL off. The brouhaha climaxes with JBL and Hartford crashing into a buffet table. Cut to The Stooges being cuffed and carted off by the police. Sam has lost his sweater-vessel. Behind them, the blob disappears into a fountain.

Cut to the clink. JBL sizes up the place to figure out whose ass he can kick so he doesn't become somebody's bitch. He strides over to an innocent-enough-looking guy and asks what he's in for. Triple homicide. All righty then. JBL skulks away. As he frets about the potential for nonconsensual sodomy, Sam worries about finding the sweater-vessel.

Luckily for The Stooges, Josie arrives to spring them. As she signs their release papers, Josie reveals that Hartford doesn't want legal attention, both because he's about to announce his candidacy for City Council and because his family's chemical company is about to be sued for illegal dumping going back to when Hartford Sr. ran the company. Sam picks up on the tidbit about Senior, and all-knowing, all-revealing Josie confirms that he's dead and calls him a slimeball. Subtle.

They walk down the street talking about SeƱor Slimer, when Sam realizes he's three hours late to meet Andi. As he runs out, JBL and Ben offer to double back and retrieve the sweater-vessel from Hartford's trash.

Sam knocks on Andi's door, and her mom answers. She's less than helpful, but Sam gleans that Andi went out -- probably with Greg. Mom closes the door after the awkward encounter, and Sam does a mime-style dance of anguish, which Andi's mom gets to observe when she re-opens the door to send greetings to Sam's parents.

Sam gets in his car, where WiseGuy scares the Beelzebub out of him. WiseGuy notes that Sam has been distracted, so he's dug up some dirt on Greg. He takes out a picture, which he claims is of the "slutty twins" that Greg is dating. Sam calls out WiseGuy for tempting him, even though he obviously has no plan -- save to "outcharm" Greg. WiseGuy wishes Sam an unenthusiastic good luck. As WiseGuy exits the Prius, Sam says he thinks Hartford Senior is the soul. WiseGuy confirms, giving the old "sins of the father" spiel, which reminds Sam to ask WiseGuy about meeting with Dad. WiseGuy gets a hard look in his eye and ominously tells Sam that he will not be negotiated with on this point.

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