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What About Blob

At Hartford's, JBL and Sam dumpster-dive while Ben reads up. He points out that Fazio was the lawyer on the suit against the Hartfords. He shows Sam a picture of Fazio with the activists -- Slimer's victims from earlier. While searching, they discover about 800 bags of cat litter. They chat briefly about the tricky situation with Andi, and JBL tries to comfort Sam with an irrelevant anecdote. Sam would rather dig through a pile of garbage than listen to this ignoramus, so he continues searching.

JBL then finds the sweater-vessel, which is snagged on something. As JBL and Sam try to extricate it, Señor Slime blobs Ben from behind, smothering him with slime as he drags him through the yard. JBL comes to the rescue as only he can -- smacking Señor Slime with bags of kitty litter while Sam tries to free the sweater-vessel. Sam finally pulls the sweater-vessel free and runs over, but Señor Slime has already let Ben go and oozed off into the sewer. Ben catches his breath and realizes he's covered in goop and kitty litter. Commercials.

Now normally I just fast-forward through the commercials, but I was delighted this break to behold a musical short featuring -- who else? -- WiseGuy! Perversely set to "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year," it features WiseGuy gallivanting through falling leaves and such. He mugs with a jack o' lantern, and his used-car-salesman smile is even more blindingly white than usual. WiseGuy's elated, you see, to wish us a "Happy Halloween from Reaper!"

Back at 667, Sam collapses onto the bed. Just then, Dad flips on the lights and asks Sam if he scheduled the meeting with WiseGuy. Sam admits it's not going to happen. Dad goes all rageaholic, slamming the door and screaming. Sam tries to calm him by offering a look at the contract. Dad promises not to let Sam down.

The next morning, Sam visits Josie to wrap up the post-prison paperwork. As he signs, Andi calls to invite Josie on a double date. Sam tries to act cool, but Josie stokes his jealousy by saying she thinks Greg is good for Andi. Sam lets it slip about the "slutty twins," then immediately backpedals and asks Josie not to mention anything to Andi. Of course she refuses and reaches out to pick up her phone. In doing so, she knocks a cup of coffee over, causing Sam to drop the sweater-vessel. She grabs paper towels, but the sweater-vessel does a remarkable job of soaking up the coffee. JBL enters with a newspaper and points out that a new lawyer has joined the Hartford suit, and it will resume today. They make tracks.

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