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What About Blob

The Stooges zip over to the new lawyer's apartment. She finishes her workout and heads to the shower, inspiring much leering and musing from Ben and JBL. But Sam spies slime on the tip of her water pipe and curtails their pervery. There, they discuss how she'll freak out when she sees them. On cue, she screams at the scruffy intruders. They try to tell her they're from the water company, but she doesn't buy it. Pointless anyway, because she's quickly startled as Señor Slime seeps out of her drain. The Stooges tear her from the shower, and Sam jams the sweater-vessel into the drain -- just not quickly enough. He runs out to the sewer, and the others exit behind him.

The Stooges run through the sewers. JBL thinks he hears Señor Slime in the pipes, so they bust one open, which unleashes a stream of steam separating Sam -- without the sweater-vessel -- from the others. Señor Slime approaches Sam from behind, covering Sam's mouth with his oozing hand. As Sam and Señor Slime struggle, JBL dons the sweater-vessel and boldly runs through the steam. He embraces them both in a bear hug, sucking Señor Slime into his Fair Isle goodness. This leaves JBL and Sam covered in gak and engaged a torrid embrace. JBL rejoices, "I jumped in there and nailed that gooey bastard!" As Ben watches the HoYay!, they realize that they're stuck in this position since the slime has dried up and formed a crusty shell.

Still locked in their tight embrace, they roll up to the DMV to deliver the vessel to the Gladys. She sternly tells them to "Place the vessel on the mat," but JBL's still immobilized. She offers to extract them, whips out some awesome lethal-looking Freddy Krueger claws, and clinks them together sadistically. Unfortunately, the rest of the scene was left on the editing room floor.

Extracted and de-slimed, The Stooges return to The Bench. Sam stocks some shelves, and Andi comes up to confront him about Greg's supposed "slutty twin" girlfriends. Turns out they're his sisters. Thanks, WiseGuy! She asks pointedly, "What would possess you to say something like that?" He says someone gave him wrong information, but says he can't remember who. She grows frustrated with Sam's secretiveness and tells him to stay out of her private life.

We return to 667, where WiseGuy is in Sam's room, aptly playing games -- an old-school video game, to be precise. Sam walks in and calls WiseGuy out for setting him up. WiseGuy faux-apologizes, but Sam accuses him of doing it on purpose to remove the Andi distraction from Sam's life. WiseGuy points out that Sam said he was going to take the high road -- until it really mattered. Sam says he was being stupid, and WiseGuy notes that Sam is usually stupid around Andi.

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