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What About Blob

Then WiseGuy stops pussyfooting and says he knows that Sam was going to tell Andi about his work. He sternly warns Sam that it would be a very bad idea. He adds, "Usually it doesn't end well for those mortals that end up on my radar," and proceeds to list everyone dear to Sam. In conclusion, Sam's secret dies with him, and he better think long and hard about letting Andi into the ring of fire. The episode ends with a cross-cut as WiseGuy VOs, "It's noble to protect the ones you love. If you really care about someone, sometimes it's safer to keep them in the dark," and we cut to Sam's dad reading the contract in the study. He rips out a page, tosses it in the fire, and watches as it burns. Scandalicious!

Next week: It's Halloween! Sam wears a giant pumpkin costume! There's a werewolf! And Patton Oswalt! With a shotgun for a hand! Get excited.

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