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Both Ends Against The Middle
ttp://www.televisionwithoutpity.com/show/lost/la_x_part_ii_2.php?page=10">I don't understand") as Ben strangled him. The idea that Smokey's loophole might prove his eventual undoing sends shivers up my spine.

Hydra Island: Zoe and crew march Sawyer (past some workers who are erecting portable pylons and) right to Widmore's sub. As Sawyer boards, Zoe says, "Get in. He's waiting for you. We cut to...

L.A. Reality; Jim Ford's Apartment (number 245): Jim arrives home, grabs a brew from the fridge, and pops a frozen dinner in the microwave. He settles down in front of the TV for his sad meal, and a restorative episode of Little House on the Prairie, in which Pa teaches Half Pint not to fear death -- or at least not to waste the present by worrying about the future. At the sound of children laughing, Pa says, "You hear that? That's what life is all about -- laughing and loving each other, and knowing that people aren't really gone when they die." Jim's expression is so sweet throughout this scene -- I wish I could bottle it. But he gets serious Epiphany Face as Pa continues, "We have all the good memories sustain us 'til we see them again." Half Pint: "It's hard not being afraid, Pa." Jim raises his beer can partway to his lips and then reconsiders. Pa: "I know, sweetheart. I know." Jim stands, and we cut to...

Charlotte's Apartment Building Corridor: Jim approaches in a black leather jacket that -- oh my -- he should wear whenever he's not shirtless. He's carrying a sunflower (pay no attention to past-me's use of daisy) in one hand, and has a six-pack of beer tucked under his other arm. A six pack, James? In cans? Really? Where's the porno -- in your pocket? I can tell you right now, that's not going to fly. Why not try a nice bottle of wine? You drank it with her on your date.

When Charlotte answers the door and takes a gander at the scene before her she says, "You've got to be joking." Jim wants to know if he can come in. Charlotte: "Absolutely not." And then -- THEN -- he has the nerve to ask why. Right. He doesn't apologize or explain. He just asks why. Well, Charlotte is more than willing to tell him. "You don't get to kick me out at 3 o'clock in the morning and then come 'round the next day with puppy dog eyes and a sad sunflower. Look, I don't know if you're just lonely, or guilty, or completely mad, but you know what? I don't care. You blew it." That's what he said. She closes the door in his face. Jim lays the sunflower down in front of her door, as though it were a grave, and takes his little six-pack back home to share with Half Pint and Pa, 'cause you know he's got the complete Little House box set on DVD.

Hydra Island: Once inside the sub, Zoe leads Sawyer down a narrow corridor. He notices a padlocked room and asks, "Whatcha got in here?" Desmond? Aaron? Hawking? Daniel? Waaaaaaaaalt? Another hydrogen bomb? What? What? What? Zoe tells Sawyer to MYOB and keep moving. She leads him into Widmore's quarters with a, "He's here, sir." Widmore: "Excellent." Once the men are alone, Widmore rises to greet Sawyer and shake his hand. "Hello, Mr. Ford. My name's Charles Widmore." Sawyer, being Sawyer, leaves him hanging and sits down without being invited. Widmore asks (politely) if Sawyer knows who he is. Sawyer says, "Of course I do. You're the fella who sent a freighter to the island loaded with guys to kill us all." Widmore takes his seat. "It's sad, really, how little you actually know." Don't mock us, Darlton!

Sawyer says he knows Widmore murdered the Ajira survivors left on Hydra Island. Widmore says, "We didn't murder those people, but I don't expect you to believe that." Sawyer says, "Good. I don't." Widmore asks Sawyer why he's on Hydra Island. When Sawyer says Locke sent him, Widmore says, "John Locke's dead." Sawyer says he thinks they both know the guy he's talking about isn't really Locke. He leans towards Widmore. "So here's the deal, chief. I'll go back over there and tell him the coast is clear; I didn't find anybody, then I'll bring the old man right to your doorstep -- then you can kill him." Charles' smile at that is adorable. He asks Sawyer what he wants in exchange. Sawyer says, "One: the people I come back with -- the people on my boat -- don't get touched -- not even a hair on their heads. And two: you give us safe passage off the island." Does anyone else think the first request was far too specific and the second was far too general? Shudder. Charles wants to know how he knows he can trust Sawyer. Sawyer smirks. "The same way I know I can trust you." He rises and adds, "So, do we have an agreement?" Widmore considers his guest for a moment, then rises and finally, they shake hands. "I suppose we do."

Sidebar Speculation That Will Likely Be Debunked Like All My Other Theories/I'm Looking At You Sideways Flight 518 815: Right now, I'm not inclined to think Widmore is on Team Jacob or Team Edward Smokey. I think he's on Team Widmore. I think he's always been on Team Widmore, and only Team Widmore. He thought Ben should have killed Baby Alexandra Rousseau, remember? Good guys don't kill babies. Now sure, Ben probably got his hands more than dirty when he manipulated Widmore's banishment, but even if Ben played it dirty, that doesn't mean Widmore's banishment wasn't Jacob's will. I now return you to your previously scheduled recap.

Main Island; Camp Faucke Outskirts: Kate is wandering back from Abandoned Outrigger Beach when she runs into Claire. Swinging her rifle off her shoulder and into position, she doesn't exactly take aim at Claire, but she's ready if need be. Claire, though, is all contrite. She apologizes and says she doesn't know why she attacked Kate. "I know everything you did was just because you care about me -- about Aaron." Her voice cracks as she continues. "Thank you. Thank you for taking care of him." She flings herself into Kate's arms as she sobs, "I'm sorry." Kate's caught off guard by this at first. I know I was expecting this to be a ploy for Claire to get Kate's gun. But it's sincere. Poor little sick, sad Claire continues her tearful apology. Finally, Kate lets herself return Claire's embrace. After a moment, she says, "It's okay." As Claire continues to cry, Kate repeats that it's okay, and tightens her hold on her poor son's crazy mother.

Abandoned Outrigger Beach: When Sawyer returns, Faucke runs right down to help him drag the boat back onto the beach. Sawyer says, "You didn't really send me over there to find passengers from that plane, did you?" Of course not, because he probably killed them, James. Don't you read the recaps? From "The Incident".... [Faucke] says, "Once I've done that, we're going to need to deal with the rest of the passengers from the Ajira flight that brought me here." Richard says, "What do you mean, 'deal with them'?" Locke Faucke doesn't blink. "You know what I mean."

Where was I? Oh, yeah, so Faucke admits he didn't send James to Hydra to find the Ajira passengers. Sawyer tells him they're all dead. Faucke acts all surprised. Sawyer then tells him Widmore is there on a sub, and has six armed guards with him, as well as whatever crew is working the sub. "There's a locked room on there. Something they're hiding. And they're setting up pylons -- like the ones in New Otherton -- you know, the ones that keep out that smoke thing." Heh. Faucke wants to know what Sawyer told Widmore about him. Sawyer tells him...the truth. He leaves out the part about his deal for safe passage off island for him and whomever he brings over in his boat. Instead, he adds: "Which me

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