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Both Ends Against The Middle

Meanwhile, Sawyer is, I think, a fatalist. His first hero -- his daddy -- didn't just have feet of clay. He turned out to be the super-villain of his son's lifestory. James Ford can blame Anthony "Tom Sawyer" Cooper all he wants, but the person he really wants to kill has been dead since 1976. Make that -- persons. After all, by betraying her family for a roll in the hay, Mommy Ford let down her baby boy in ways he won't even let himself think about.

Sometimes giving up, giving in, or not bothering is the sane choice. Other times, it's a weakness -- a deadly one. Some of Sawyer's longstanding irritation with Jack is well-reasoned, but much of it comes, I think, from Sawyer's own insecurities, his own flaws, and from a deep, deep well of envy. It's sort of: I hate you for trying, because it makes me feel like I should try, but there's no sense in trying, because look at this world -- look at my life -- look at me.

Finally, and apropos of basically nothing in this episode, other than, perhaps, Claire's remorse, I keep thinking about Claire and Aaron being baptized by Mr. Eko. Do you think that has any significance, or is it another Annie, i.e. something that seemed important at the time, but turned out just to be an interesting detail? Does it explain any of the difference between Claire and Sayid, today? Is it why she's just a confused girl being manipulated by a bad man, while Sayid is suffering from terminal cancer of the soul? Just food for thought.

As I close, I'd like to give props to two actors for their fine, fine performances tonight -- and guess what -- they're both women. That's right, Emilie de Ravin, and Evangeline Lilly. Oh, Terry O'Quinn, Josh Holloway, and Naveen Andrews always knock our socks off. Ken Leung isn't far behind them, either. But de Ravin and Lilly are often ignored or met with a lackluster whatever. Their performances in this episode were layered, nuanced, and just heartbreaking. Ladies, I applaud you.

I'll catch you all Wednesday morning with my review of episode 6-9, "Ab Aeterno." Some of you are avoiding even the mildest episode descriptions at this point, so I won't mention the focus, but for those of you who are in the know, could you BE more excited? I am half expecting this to be an instant classic, and one of my favorite Lost episodes, ever. In the meantime, grade the episode up top, answer our Question of the Moment -- "What's in that locked room on Widmore's sub?" -- over in the righthand sidebar, and then come on over to our Lost forum, where the pylons are up, but not on (as far as I know).

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